Best Speakers for Vinyl

If you have a good vinyl player and a good collection of record the best way to actually enjoy them is with an excellent set of speakers. When you also have a large collection of vinyl record players, you would most likely possess a vinyl converter turntable, which would allow you to be able to play and transfer your music via USB. This is actually a great way to digitize your music and so allows you the freedom to be able to play and listen to your favourite songs anywhere and at any time.  So I have decided to come up with a list of the top 7 best speakers for vinyl player that would not only give you value for your money but would also ensure that you have the best of times cruising with really great sounds.

There is also every possibility that as you are listening to your records, you could get caught up in some really good tunes and good memories, even some artists still release some of their tracks in vinyl today. Basically speaking, most vinyl record players that come with inbuilt speakers cannot produce the same full, rich sound that a high quality set of speakers can. But generally, there are some few key features that must be considered when choosing the best speakers for vinyl player, including features like the sound quality of the speakers, the size of the speakers, and the price. If you want a speaker that can feel the whole room with great sound but still small, or you need a speaker that would allow you to feel the deepest bass response possible, whatever your reason may be, your perfect playback depends on great speakers. So without further ado, let us get into the details of the best speakers you can get for your vinyl records players.

Best Budget Speakers for Vinyl

1. Edifier R1280T 

If you want a perfect union ever that can exist between the analogue and the tech, then the Edifier R1280T is probably your best bet as they are one of the best speakers for vinyl under $100. The Edifier R1280T are really great speakers that can offer a standard speaker wire connection but still use a remote control to adjust the volume of the powered speakers without having to stand up and get to the speaker all the time.

The R1280T is actually best for producing really great sounds with its active nearfield monitor which can produce a really great sound for small spaces. The frequency response of the R1280T is between the ranges of about 75Hz to 18 kHz and with a plus or minus 9dB. So, what u really notices about most music is that they had crisps high and mid. The bass does not really go that deep, but it is expected of small bookshelf speakers.

Apart from the 3.5mm input that can be used to play music through a mobile phone or any other device that has a jack port, the R1280T speaker also have two sets of RCA input, which is one of the best speaker features it can have if you are interested in connecting more than one device to the speakers. You can find the connectors at the back of the speakers, along with the on and off switch to, while you can also find the volume, bass port, and treble control at the side of the right speaker.

The cabinet of the speakers is made of MDF – medium density fiberboard, which is an elegant wood finish. The inclined front grill has an ostentatious and artistic finishing, with a modern styling which is detachable. They can also be referred to as powered bookshelf speakers that have combined a retro look with a modern sense of audio quality.

So, with its classic wood finishing, they can actually serve as quite a great compliment to any vintage vinyl player. The R1280T are best known for its best studio sound quality, as they produce a very natural sound reproduction from a 13mm dome tweeter and a 4-inch full range unit.


  • Adjustable treble and bass volumes between the range from -6  to +6dB
  • They also feature an RCA and an AUX connections
  • Has a remote control that can be used to adjust the volume from a distance
  • They come with a 2-year warranty


  • They come with cheap speaker wires which do not often last long
  • The on and off switch is at the back of the speaker

2. Polk Audio T15

The Polk Audio T15 offers a great option for people who want an all in one option. I found out that these mini monitors were actually designed to work in a surrounding speaker system, although they can still work perfectly well on their own as they are one of the best speakers for vinyl players and mini vinyl players. These speakers can actually be mounted on the walls, and still produce a well-balanced sound, although they do not come ready to use, after purchase, you would still need to do a little few coupling and get some few accessories to get this speaker setup.

After purchasing these speakers you may need to get to the store to pick up some high quality speaker wire first and as well as a receiver or amplifier that is if you do not have one, or your vinyl player does not support one. These speakers are best I can suggest to people who have a vinyl player with speakers that can actually help modify the speakers and produce a really amplified sound.

It is a 2 way speaker that comes with a 5.25-inch cone driver, and a ¾ inch silk dome tweeter, while it also has a frequency response of about 65Hz to 20,000Hz. These small best bookshelf speakers are quite easy to drive and have a sensitivity of about 89dB and a nominal impendence of 8Ω. The Audio T15 also has a medium density fiberboard cabinet that is about 7 inches deep, 6.5 inches wide and 10.5 inches tall, with an elegant black finishing and grills that will look cool with any vinyl player, be it a vintage vinyl player or a modern vinyl player.

These speakers are actually one of the best speakers you can get for my vinyl record that is under $200, with its mid-woofer and tweeters that can produce a very impressive sound, while it can handle up to 100W of power.  Although as I have previously said this speakers are not active speaker, which means they not come with an amplifier so you would need to have an amplifier if you really want to use this speaker, and if your vinyl recorder is not like most of the modern vinyl players today that comes with an inbuilt amplifier, then you may need to get to the store to purchase one with at least 20W per channel recommended.


  • They can be mounted on the wall
  • Produces really balanced sounds
  • They are also relatively not so expensive


  • Does not really produce so much bass

3. Micca MB42

Another passive bookshelf speakers to consider is the Micca MB42, although you actually need to have an amplifier or receiver of your own before you consider buying this speaker. They actually do produce a very clip and clear sound for their size, because a lot of people actually feel that most small speakers do not really produce the kind of sound they really want to hear, but the Micca MB42 is quite an exception.

Again you need to still keep in mind that you would need to own a receiver or an amplifier in other to use this speaker. Or perhaps your vinyl player already has a built-in amplifier in it just like a lot of modern vinyl players does and a few vintage vinyl players. But just in case it does not, just ensure you purchase one for this speaker and make sure the amplifier you buy has an input with RIAA equalization so that you would be able to play records with them.

Also, the MB42 is a 2 way speaker with about a 4-inch carbon fibre cone drive and a ¾ inch dome tweeter. They also have a frequency response range of about 60Hz to 20Hz, and an impedance range between 4Ω and 8Ω. They are also quite inefficient at and at a sensitivity of 85dB because the volume would actually be low end, but do not be worried, you can just simply turn up the volume and they would still sound great, after all, they are passive speakers.  Apart from this, they also feature a medium density fiberboard cabinet which stands about 9.5 inches tall, 6.5 inches deep and 5.8 inches wide. They are rear ported to extend the pass all because of the compact size, these speakers can actually be placed anywhere, as their black and simple grill looks makes them a perfect speakers for vinyl under $100.

The Micca MB42 is quite a budget bookshelf speakers that has earned its reputation all around, as this set of speakers cost less than $100 and they often go on sale. One of the main reasons why a lot of people buy this particular speaker is that they are best for producing the best sounds when they are hooked to your vinyl player, it almost sounds as though you are hearing the original recording live and direct. Also, the muddiness you may hear while listening to compressed files is gone when listening to vinyl on these speakers as they actually do justice to the songs you love.


  • They come in a compact size
  • They are actually budget friendly, meaning they are not too expensive
  • That have really good mids


  • Even though the muddiness has been damped, it may still reappear at high volume
  • It does not feature any mounting hardware at the back

Best Professional Speakers for Vinyl

4. Klipsch R-15M

If you love speakers that have tweeters and woofers, then the Klipsch R-15M is just perfect for you as they feature special woofers and tweeters that would blow off the old ones into the water, as they are quite low end best speakers for vinyl under $500. They come with dynamic balance technology to deliver sounds in a whole new level and dimension.  They are also still the best bookshelf speakers for small to medium rooms, and the speakers high and mid are also still clear and sharp with better sound quality and clarity even in these environments.

The Klipsch also comes with a preinstalled 5.25-inch woofer with a copper spun cone and a 1-inch horn-loaded aluminium tweeter. The tweeters also feature Klipsch's own Tractrix horns which makes it possible for the speakers to put on some pretty impressive high and upper mid range sounds. Moreover, it is also important to note that these speakers are passive speakers, which indirectly means that they need an amplifier to supply them with electricity if not they would not work. So, if you use perhaps a mini vinyl player or a vintage vinyl player or any other vinyl player that does not support an amplifier, I strongly suggest that you purchase one speaker.

The medium density fiberboard cabinet of the Klipsch R-15M has a rear-firing port, while a brushed black polymer is the only available colour option which actually gives it a really nice contrast to the copper-colour cone. It also features a detachable grill, and the speakers are 12.5 inches tall, 7 inches wide and 8.11 inch deep and it weighs about 10.3 pounds. The Klipsch speakers are also capable of handling maximum energy of about 85W continuously and a peak of 340W, it also has a high to low frequency response of about 62Hz to 24Hz and very high sensitivity of about 94dB due to its horn design.

There are lots of affordable vinyl players out there that this vinyl speaker can actually work on, although you also need to still keep in mind that these speakers actually need an amplifier. These speakers actually cost below $400, and I would also like to suggest you use a starter vinyl player or a cheap vinyl player or even a beginner vinyl player. You should go for cheaper passive speakers although this speaker produces really nice sounds, they are not budget speakers.


  • It is made with an aluminium horn-loaded tweeter
  • It also has a copper-spin IMG woofer
  • Produces the perfect sounds for both small and medium-sized rooms


  • They are not beginner friendly to setup
  • The highs may be too sharp for some

5. Audioengine A2+

Now let's talk about Audioengine, Audioengine actually offers a pair of speakers that are sleek and versatile, so if you are not using these best speakers for vinyl recorder, then you can actually connect them to your computer and use them as a secondary speaker. The A2+ from Audioengine is quite small in size and one can say that they are really unobtrusive to the decoration design in your room.

The Audioengine features a built-in digital audio converter also known as DAC, which is used by the speaker to decode digital audio sources when you are not using a vinyl recorder. It also features up to three different input types which are there to allow you to connect different types of devices like home theatre etc to the speaker and have a great time with the speaker. One thing I love so much about this speaker is that they are actually the best vinyl speakers for starters because they come with everything you need inside the box, and the best part is that they are not that expensive to purchase.

Also, this tiny two ways speaker also features a 2.75 inch Kevlar woofer, and a ¾ inch silk dome tweeter located at the side of each of the speakers. But the amount of bass this speaker produces is not really anything to write home about, as they do not really produce too much bass when compared with its equivalent competitors. The low end bass driver of the Audioengine A2+ is due to the fact that these speakers were designed for near field listening and pinpoint imagery.

The speakers also feature a built-in amplifier which means that these speakers can work on vinyl players that do not have an amplifier as the speakers work on its own and do not need to be connected to another amplifier. And the built-in amplifier has a rating of 15W per channel continuously and a 50 watts maximum. The frequency response of the speaker is between 65Hz and 22 kHz, which is quite a surprising figure since the woofer is just 2.75 inches.

The Audioengine A2+ also features a medium density fiberboard cabinet that is about 6 inches high, 4 inches wide, 5.25 inch deep. So when you need a small sized speaker just to add to your vinyl record players that would not really cost you so much and not really occupy so much space or change your room decor, then I'd really suggest the Audioengine A2+ to you.


  • It features a digital audio converter version 3 that is DAC3 input type, to support different devices
  • It also comes with everything you need inside the box, so they are very easy to setup
  • All the cables that you would need are also included


  • It also features a rear volume knob
  • The sound the speaker produces highly depends on the placement of the speakers
  • They are a bit pricey

6. Edifier R1700BT

One of my favourites is the Edifier R1700BT, which also features a powered speakers option. The Edifier R1700BT has a really sleek design and is one of the modern speakers you can find out there today, which also comes with a multitude of connection options. In the model name for this Edifier product, the alphabet BT represents Bluetooth, meaning this particular model of speaker is actually Bluetooth compatible. Meaning you can connect the R1700’s to your Bluetooth Vinyl player or to your Smartphone and enjoy your favourite music on these jam speakers.

The Edifier R1700BT is a 2 way speaker with a 4-inch sized woofer and a ¾ inch silk dome tweeter. The woofer night nor be the biggest in the world of woofers, but they produce quite a sound I like to classify as decent, as it offers more than a decent sound for a bookshelf class woofer. The frequency range of this speaker is about 60Hz to 20 kHz. Apart from this the speaker also features a built-in amplifier which means that the speaker can supply itself with the amount of electricity it needs to function, and does not need to depend on other sources for its power.

The built-in amplifier of the edifier R1700BT supplies four channels of amplification with one for each drive and supplies about 15W to each of the tweeters and about 18W to each of the woofers. (RMS power). The price of this speakers are best budget friendly, while the maker of this speakers offer up to 4 Years warranty on this particular model, which indicates that the quality of this product is off the grid, and the producers of the speaker are quite confident about the speakers that you would not experience any form of glitch from their side.

The elegant cabinet of these speakers is made of a medium density fiberboard, which has the volume, treble, and bass driver knob located at the back of the connection panels. And just like most of the other vinyl Bluetooth speakers you can find out there, they have fine wooden finishing. And each of the speakers measures about 9.84-inch height, 6.1-inch width, and 8.35 inch deep.


  • They have an outstanding connectivity feature like Bluetooth compatibility
  • They also feature 4 channel if built-in amplifier
  • The speakers have an elegant design


  • The Bluetooth connection is always on
  • The sound dynamic also could be a tad better

7.Audioengine A5+

Audioengine A5+ comes with a built-in pre amp, so they can power themselves and do not need to be connected to an external amplifier to supply it with power. Since they can actually power themselves, it makes these speakers perfect for every vinyl lover who is looking to set up a pure vinyl rig with nothing more than just a vinyl player and a pair of speakers, and perhaps the turntable also comes with a phono preamp too.

The Audioengine A5+ is a 2 way speaker that comes with a 5 uncle Kevlar woofer and a ¾ inch silk dome tweeter. It also has a built-in that is rated 50W per channel RMS, that is sufficient enough to fill a medium-sized room with enough sounds to bring bright life into the room. The Audioengine A5+ also has a high frequency response range of about 50 Hz to 22 kHz.

Each piece of the Audioengine A5+ speaker's measures up to about 10.75 inches tall, 7 inches wide and 9 inches deep, and the left speaker is the speaker where the amplifier is located weigh a little bit more than the right speaker, this is clearly because of the amplifier in the left speaker. The left speaker weighs about 15.4 lbs, while the right speaker weighs about 9.6 lbs.

This Audioengine speaker also comes in different colours, and the available colours include high gloss white, solid carbonized bamboo and satin black. The price of this brand of active speaker is a little bit too high end, but uncountable worth the price you are paying for, so generally I would recommend this speaker for those who actually want to get a lot of sound out of their vinyl player because this vinyl speaker is not cheap so you really do not need this particular one if you are not after a very high sound quality.


  • They are an active bookshelf speaker
  • Produces about 50W RMS per channel
  • Provides a full and rich sound


  • They are not budget friendly as they are on the expensive side
  • The number of feedback issues is on the side


In conclusion to this, no matter what type of vinyl recorder you may be using, connecting a secondary speaker to it has proven to be very useful, as it helps to make any song being played on the vinyl sound more realistic and pleasing to the ear. Also, all the bookshelf vinyl speakers listed above can actually be connected with your vinyl collection and be used to play songs on them. They can also be used to fill your room with a very high quality sound that can actually make those details in your vinyl record come to life, especially those once you cannot hear on a regular vinyl player and from other media. It is also important to bear in mind that all speakers both the ones listed here and the ones not listed here, actually need a break in time, so, you would actually need to play them for some time, perhaps a week or so just to test to know whether or not they are doing the right work you indent before you decided to purchase these. 

The inner components of the speakers would actually become more flexible as time goes by and they would end up producing a better sound quality in all of the low frequencies. So, with the few key features I have made mention of in this post, including the sound quality, price and size of the speakers, are useful features to take note of when you want to purchase a vinyl speakers

nyl speaker for your turntables. Even some speakers can actually fill your own room with its sounds, but they are small, the bottom line is that the quality of the speaker should be the overall feature to look out for.

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