Best Computer Speakers Under $100

If your shopping money is limited only to a hundred bucks, you better choose your purchases wisely. While you might be eyeing that perfect speaker located prominently on the shelf, chances are that it is “prominently| priced as well to deserve such a lofty perch.

However, it does not mean that the perfect speaker for you - and your budget - is non-existent; it’s just waiting for you to discover it and you’re bound to find it if you search hard enough. Actually, you don’t have to do that since we’ve already compiled a short list of the best computer speakers under $100. Take your pick and thank us later.

Best Computer Speakers Under $100 : Top Picks

Logitech MX Sound 2.0

Cost-Effective Pick 

Quality sound that’s easy on the wallet 

Logitech MX Sound 2.0
  • Motion activated speakers
  • Switch between wired and wireless
  • Compact and affordable 

Rated by: Dwight

Bose Companion 2 Series 

Best Overall Pick 

The speaker that has them all 

Bose Companion 2 Series III Multimedia Speakers
  • Powerful and Excellent sound quality
  • Very affordable 
  • Compatible with almost any other audio device

Rated by: Dwight

Razer Nommo Computer Speakers 

Gaming Speaker 

Speaker that every gamer should have 

Razer Nommo - Computer Speakers
  • Gaming-focused positional accuracy 
  • Sleek design 
  • Excellent sound quality

Rated by: Dwight

Bose Companion 2 Series III Multimedia Computer Speakers 

Quick Summary

Rated by: Dwight

Bose is a leading brand of audio equipment. It shouldn’t be a surprise then to find its Bose Comp 2 Series III Multimedia Speakers included in this list of best computer speakers under $100.

When you want to upgrade your listening experience but only got a hundred bucks to spare, this is the perfect speaker system for you.

The system brings high-quality audio performance with a clear audio output at any low or high volume level. This is a useful feature since Bose has always been known as one of the loudest speakers in its class.

The designer of this speaker system recognizes the need of users to have more than one gadget connected to it. For the Bose Companion two, it has one input from the PC and another one for auxiliary input in case you want to play music from your iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones or tablets and other audio devices. There is no need to disconnect the speaker from the system and reconnect it to the other audio source.

Interacting with the speaker is also very easy. The volume control, which also serves as its power button, is located at the front of the right speaker. In addition, a headphone jack can be found below it, making it easier to attach a headphone if you want some private listening or do not wish to disturb the other people in the room.


  • Powerful but well-balanced sound
  • Headphone jack and volume control very accessible 
  • Very affordable 
  • Compatible with almost any other audio device 


  • Short cable
  • No wireless connection 

Creative Labs 51MF1610AA002 GigaWorks T20 Series II 2.0 Speakers System with BasXPort Technology

Quick Summary

Rated by: Dwight

It’s probably time to upgrade your PC speakers or get a new one in case you’re just using your laptop’s own speakers while listening to music or watching movies. The good thing is that with the Creative Labs 51MF1610AA002 GigaWorks T20 Series II 2.0 Speaker System, a whole new level of listening pleasure could be yours at a very affordable price.

With its BasXPort Technology, the speaker system is able to address the lack of a separate subwoofer. Even low-level sounds are made more realistic by the technology resulting in a very rich and crisp audio experience. The great sound quality alone is enough to catapult the system to one of the best pc speaker under $100.

All controls are located on the front of the right speaker for convenience. Strong bass, treble and volume controls are within easy reach while you’re engrossed in the film or game. In addition, auxiliary input is also located at the front which makes plugging in your other audio devices (other than the PC) very easy. For private listening, a headphone jack is located at the speaker’s front as well.


  • Sleek, compact design is both stunning and practical as it saves up space
  • Very good audio quality, treble, and bass are mixed just right
  • Very accessible controls


  • Complaints say that bass and lower frequency response is a bit muddled
  • Some buyers think it’s a bit overpriced 

Cyber Acoustics Subwoofer Computer Speaker 

Quick Summary

Rated by: Dwight

The Cyber Acoustics CA-3908 Subwoofer Speaker system is a four-piece set that includes a 6.5-inch subwoofer, two satellite speakers with 2-inch high-efficiency drivers and a stylish disk-shaped control pod.

The entire set looks stylish and impressive and would certainly add aesthetic appeal to any desktop they are placed on.

But the most important thing for this speaker system is that it delivers great sound. Given its very affordable price, the set easily makes it to the list of best computer speakers under $100.

For stereo separation and clarity, the satellite speakers are magnetically shielded. With 92 watts peak power and 46 watts RMS, the system is capable of delivering a powerful, rich and crystal clear audio quality to any large room or the office. Along with the deep bass produced by its subwoofer, the system is guaranteed to upgrade your audio experience by a large measure. 

Ease of use is provided by the control pod which lets you gain ultimate control over the system. Powering it on or off, adjusting bass volume, or adjusting the master volume can all be done via the stylish pod. In addition, you’ll also find a 3.5mm auxiliary input in case you want to plug in your iPhone, iPad, tablets, smartphone or other audio sources. The headphone jack is also conveniently located in the pod for easy access in case you want private listening.


  • The subwoofer delivers deep bass
  • Lengthy wires for satellite speakers allows you the freedom to arrange them your way
  • Control pod convenient for all this aux port, controls, and headphone jack
  • Affordable yet delivers natural sound output


  • Bass could cause distortion if you go past a certain level of volume

Edifier R1280T 2.1 Computer Speakers 

Quick Summary

Rated by: Dwight

Edifier R1280T can turn out to be a severe upgrade and these bookshelf speakers come with a price tag of just $100. This set of powerful speakers come with wood panelling, elegant look and two RCA jacks inputs to connect multiple sound sources. No wireless option but you can easily stream music via Bluetooth connectivity. The right speaker hosts volume, treble and bass controls. Both the speakers come packed with 4-inch woofers, measure 6.9 x 9.5 x 5.8 inches, weigh 11 pounds and have 13mm silk dome tweeters.

Talking about the quality of sound, the Edifier R1280T delivers excellent and detailed sound at lowes, mids and highs. Even at higher volume, the sound remains well balanced, and no distortion happens. At lower ends, the sound is smooth and fills your entire room. At Mids, it produces the same luxurious quality sound, which makes these speakers best for different genres like Jazz, Rock, Indie etc. You can gladly watch movies, tv shows, web series etc. using R1280T without worrying about any sound loss. 

The speaker package comes with RCA RCA cable, AUX RCA cable, wires for interconnecting speakers, user manual, infrared remote and 2-year warranty. What else do you want? For $100, Edifier is the best option you can pick blindly.


  • Great looks and Removable front panel
  • Excellent sound and bass quality
  • Affordable and sturdy
  • Excellent build quality
  • Better separate controls
  • Dual inputs


  • Highs lack a little
  • Fixed power cable

Razer Nommo - Computer Speakers 

Quick Summary

Rated by: Dwight

Gamers are very hard to appease when it comes to their gaming equipment; they need to have the fastest processor, the best graphics card, and the most stunning monitor so that they can truly have an immersive gaming experience. This very high expectation extends to the sound quality of their speakers as well.

Yet, the Razer Nommo is able to meet the challenge head-on. Specifically designed with the gamer user in mind, it is loaded with features to bring out the best gaming and sound immersion experience.

But the surprising thing is that it’s actually quite affordable being one of the best 2.1 computer speakers under $100.

Gamers have been raving about the Razer Nommo’s ability to point to its users the direction where a sound originated. Obviously, this is a crucial factor in most games where enemies could sneak up on you especially if your speaker won’t give you a clue where the enemies’ footsteps are coming from. Fortunately, this speaker has a gaming-focused positional accuracy in its stereo sound field, which is definitely an edge in gaming.

While the Razer Nommo has been designed for gamer’s, it won’t disappoint those who just want to watch movies or listen to music. In fact, the speaker delivers some of the clearest, most lifelike sounds in its price range. You can easily adjust the bass based on your preference to maximize your listening pleasure. Controls are accessible, there’s a headphone jack for private listening, and the speaker design is stunning.


  • Gaming-focused positional accuracy, let’s you know where the sound is coming from
  • Deep bass that can be easily adjusted depending on your preference
  • Clear sounds 
  • Sleek design


  • No Bluetooth
  • For a desktop, size is on the bulky side 

Arion Legacy AC Powered 2.1 Computer Speaker System 

Quick Summary

Rated by: Dwight

If you’re the type who requires more power from your speaker system, then the Arion Legacy AC Powered 2.1 Speaker System (AR506) is perfect for you.

With its dual subwoofers and 100 Watts of peak power and 50 Watts RMS, it is ideal for users who want louder sound effects or for those whose desktops are located in a rather large room.

Yet surprisingly, all that total power won’t cost you much at all. In fact, the Arion Legacy AC Powered 2.1 system is included in the list of best computer speakers under $100, a testament not only to the power of its audio output and quality but also to its affordability.

The AR506 has dual, 5-inch subwoofers in the AR506 giving you the deeper, harder yet smoother bass every single beat. You really can’t help but be immersed in the experience whether you are playing a game, watching a movie or the TV or just listening to your favorite music.

The system contains one subwoofer, two satellite speakers, wired control pad and 3.5mm to RCA cable. All enclosures or made of wood for a cleaner, more accurate sound. It is compatible with your laptop or PC, PlayStation, Xbox, smartphones, tablets and TV.


  • Powerful speaker
  • Classic look, wooden enclosures 
  • Deep, smooth bass 
  • Quality sound output 
  • Compatible with most audio devices 


  • Durability is an issue for some buyers
  • Some complaints on the tweeter giving a high pitched sound 

Logitech MX Sound 2.1

Quick Summary

Rated by: Dwight

Logitech MX is a minimalist set of speakers that are designed for PC's or laptops and are the best budget computer speakers under 100. Both sleek speakers come in a unique circular shape and size of 6.3 x 6.3 x 3.8-inch with the bass port facing the rear. The build material is the same as plastic, and the outer front is covered in fabric.

The right speaker contains the touch-sensitive controls for volume adjustment and Bluetooth pairing. The right speaker controls lights are motion activated which is an impressive feature. These lightweight speakers feature Bluetooth 4.1 and offer 30 feet of range. Along with this, there are two 3.5mm inputs, namely PC and AUX are given on the right speaker back to let you plug in headphones. At one time, it can easily be paired with two devices.

They deliver decent and balanced sound. The mids and highs are great compared to lows. When the volume is at a peak, then the sound becomes distorted. Both the speakers deliver crisp and separate music which makes it great for gaming and connecting with PCs or Laptops. MX Speakers are pretty good and can turn out to be a great accessory.


  • Sleek and compact design
  • Motion activated sensors and touch controls
  • Easily switch between wired and wireless connection
  • Affordable and rich audio


  • No speakerphone
  • No input switch
  • Distorts at high volume when playing deep bass tracks

Dell A215 Black Multimedia 2 Channel Computer Speakers 

Quick Summary

Rated by: Dwight

Dell is a well-known brand in the computer industry. With the company’s expertise and decades of experience, it is not too surprising for the A215 to land in this list of best computer speakers under $100.

The Dell A215 has two space-saving speakers that you can place on both sides of your PC or laptop for a balanced audio experience.

Since Dell has been in the business longer than most, the speakers are very easy to set up and even have color-coded connectors and cables to guide you.

The sound is crisp and clear and pleasant to the ears. However, some users may not like the fact that there is no sub whooper which affects its bass output. Power is also lacking but it should work in mid-sized rooms.


  • Affordable
  • Durable, made by a well-known brand 
  • Clear sounds 


  • Power a bit lacking
  • Bass is also an issue 

Factors to Consider When Buying Computer Speakers Under $100

When you have a limit on your budget, you’ve got to be choosy on what to pick. For those who are shopping for the best computer speakers under $100, consider these factors before making a decision.

Consider sound quality over specs

You can’t always rely on the specs provided by the manufacturer. Speakers come with no standard testing methods to come up with these figures. It is possible that some companies, in their bid to attract buyers, may exaggerate a few of them.

Consider What You Really Need The Speaker For

best computer speakers

Do you want the speaker to be solely for a desktop? Then you need to consider the size of your desk space and choose a quality desktop speakers that fits that space.

Remember, there are ultra-powerful speakers out there but they may be a bit too bulky sitting there on top of your desk. However, if you plan to use the speakers as for desktop and home theater use, then these bigger ones will be perfect.

Test it yourself

The best way to gauge a speaker’s output quality is to listen to it. A good speaker should strike a balance between bass (lower) frequency response, midrange, and treble (upper). If bass is important to you, remember that speakers with small drivers just can't have the lowest notes. Some manufacturers try to cover this up by exaggerating upper bass frequencies but it may result in an unbalanced, boomy sound.

Read customer input

Customer reviews are a good way to gauge a product's impact on its users. Angry users are not shy in expressing their annoyance. If you notice a number of posts that seem to be saying the same thing, be wary of that product’s aspect.

Consider Input Options

You’ll want a speaker that is highly compatible with a host of audio devices. This way, you can use it not only for the PC but also play music from your mp3, phone or even the TV. It’s also best to have an aux input so that you don’t have to disconnect it from the PC every time you want to play music from your phones.

computer speakers under $100,

As you’ve seen from this list of best computer speakers under $100, there are a lot of quality speakers that are affordable. The important thing before making a decision is to know what you really need the speaker for and make a choice based on that need.

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