Best DJ Speakers 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide


DJ speakers are gears that are added to other components (gears required by a DJ) to produce beautiful and audible sounds to the hearing of their audience. DJ speakers are sound systems that help to create sounds that are heard by people in a gathering, party or an event organizer where a DJ is to show his skills or if you are a starter DJ and you are home DJing, these speakers help to produce the result of your effort on the turntable or controller. As a DJ, your speakers are essential components of your work because this provides the beautiful and mind-blowing sound that your audience dances to and this brings out the beauty of your work. 






QSC K12.2 Active 12"

JBL EON615 Portable 15"

Yamaha DXR15

Yamaha Club V Series S115V

QSC K10.2 Active 10"

JBL JRX215 Portable 15"

Yamaha Club V Series S115V

Behringer Eurolive B212D

Mackie C300Z Compact 12"

Other Components:

The Dj speaker does not work alone; it requires other essential components that are needed for the DJ. The gear of a DJ must be made up of a speaker (of any type) and other equipment such as a high-quality headphone, mixer, cables, computer systems, and others.

The DJ speaker is an essential tool of a DJ as this is the only medium to access the quality of the sound produced and the choice of selecting the best type of speaker for use and that which will suit your want is an important and a great skill that a DJ must possess. To have an excellent speaker output, the gears used in conjunction with this speaker must be of good quality, and their functions are as follows:

  • Input devices
    These are gears that are used by a DJ to produce the sound that is provided by the speaker. The input devices could be a turntable (used by a turntablist) or a CD deck. A DJ controller is another input device used for producing sounds through a speaker, and it is of functional capacity and functionality just like the other input devices listed above.

    The input device used must be very comfortable to use, and it must suit the type of event for which you want to use them devise. The convenience of playing a good sound through an input device must be the desire of a DJ. 
  • Headphone
    As small as a headphone is, it is an essential gear when it comes to the production of sounds, DJing. The headphone helps to monitor the effects produced by a sound, and it allows the DJ to be able to have full control over the sound of the speaker.

    The headphone must not have any effect that can change the sound produced by the speaker because this could prevent the proper understanding and cognizance of the music provided by the DJ. The music must be natural so that the DJ can have full control of his work. So, as a DJ you should choose a DJ that has no effect and must be of high quality and which is sustainable. 
  • Mixer
    This is an audio mixing gear which provides an allowance for the DJ to be able to add effects to the sound produced. The mixer also gives the DJ the chance to be able to perform different tricks with the use of the mixer. The DJ makes use of this gear to make a smooth transition between different recording.

    The mixer also has a feature which makes it suitable for playing records and songs that brings life to the dancefloor. The mixer gives the best effect to the sound produced by the DJ, and it provides the DJ with the chance to perform his skills on it, and the mixer adds more beauty to the music composed by the speaker and the work of the DJ. 
  • DJ Controllers
    These are essential components used by the DJ. It is a newly adopted type of gear used by DJs. The DJ controller is in combination with a computer system, and the computer system allows the DJ to be able to monitor what is going on with the sound system.

    The DJ controller is the gear that is used to substitute the modern vinyl turntables, and this is more comfortable as it is easy to move, work on, and it can be easily applied to produce more effects. The controller you use as well determines the quality of the sound that will be provided by the speaker, so choosing or purchasing a controller of good quality is of great essence.

    The gears mentioned above are of great essence as they are the essential components that will determine the type of sounds produced by the speaker you choose to use. However, the choice of speaker you want is dependent on a lot of things, so you need to understand more about speakers to be able to select the best type of speaker available. 

What Are the Categories of Speakers that We Have?

For a person that is in line for DJing, there are different categories of speaker that are available out there that are used for the production of sounds. However, there are two significant categories of speakers that we have which are the “Active” and “Passive” speakers and they vary in their composition and functions. The types of speakers are explained below as follows.

  • Active speakers
    This category of DJ speakers are also known as the “Powered DJ speakers” and they differ from another type of speakers because they have an in-built amplifier and this makes it very easy to use. It saves the DJ the stress of looking for a compatible microphone which will suit the type of speaker chosen. This type of speakers are connected to the mixer with the help of a cable, and all active speakers must have a connecting cable with the power source. When you are choosing the type of speaker to use, the things you should watch out for are the sound quality, the design of the speaker and the rating of the speaker. 
  • Passive speakers
    They are also known as the “U powered speakers.” This category of speaker requires an external amplifier which is used with the speaker. One thing you should note is that when choosing the speaker, you must take note of the rating if the power and must get an amplifier that will fit well for such a speaker to prevent the amp from getting fried when in use with the speaker. This type of speaker can be used for big places, and they are advantageous as they do not overheat, thereby making it more sustainable to use.

    Another category of the speaker is the one that is determined by use, that is the purpose of use. These speakers are the Subwoofers main speakers and the monitor speakers. These type of speakers are used as a complement to other speakers, and the subwoofer monitor speaker can be used to monitor progress and to determine the part that still requires improvement. 

However, the case, the category of speaker that is chosen to use by the DJ does not determine the quality of the healthy produced, but they can only be more convenient to use. The skill of a DJ will learn a lot about the sound produced by these type of speakers, so it is essential that you choose the kind of DJ that suits your skill and the one that seems more convenient and high for you to make sounds. 

Functions of Speakers

Speakers are great output devices used in the production of sounds and making the sound more natural and audible to the hearing. There are various functions of speakers, and they are as follows:
Conversion of electromagnetic waves into sound waves: this gear is responsible for the conversion of all the electromagnetic waves produced by the other equipment into sounds that are heard, and this is the primary function of the speaker. It aids the hearing of sounds that are being provided by the DJ, and it brings it to the discussion of the audience.

The speaker helps in the reproduction of sound frequencies accurately. The speakers usually possess multiple speaker cones which are of varying frequency ranges, and they help in the production of sounds that are accurate for each field.

They help in the production of a more natural sound: speakers used by DJs usually have a significant effect on the hearing, just like the natural human ear the speakers come in a pair, and they help to aid the proper discussion of sounds produced. Speakers are designed in pairs to meet the appropriate requirement for debate and speakers can assist in creating a more natural feeling when they are used in multiple ways, that is, more than one speaker at once in a large room.

There are other functions of the speaker that varies from one model and design to another, so it is essential to have an excellent and great idea of the type of speaker one wants to purchase some as to know the various things they are capable of doing. Some additional function of a speaker is that some can be used for charging appliances and other devices.

We will be talking on the top ten best types of DJ speakers that all professional DJ should have to create a difference and also to be used by starters to bridge the gap in the effects they get and also to have the best feeling in the production of sounds. As much as there are thousands of speakers of different models and design, it is essential to get the best type of speaker that will bring out the beauty of your work. The speakers that are described below are some of the best DJ speakers that will bring out the quality of your work. 

Choosing DJ Speakers

If you are looking for the best types of speakers that can bring out the sound very well when you are DJing, then you should make sure that you take into consideration the following when you want to purchase or select the speaker to use with the gears. 


the size of the cone of your speaker will determine a lot about the capability of your speaker. The size of the cone affects the speakers quality, and this also varies with the size of the speaker. However, you should avoid the purchase of speakers that are big but have small cone as this will cause natural deterioration of the speaker. 


speakers come with various features which makes them unique in their different ways. The characteristics of the speaker speak about what you should expect from the speaker, and a good speaker should have enough Watt rating, and it must have a good woofer and tweeter so that it can produce a high-quality sound. 


the higher the power of a speaker, the higher the capability of such a speaker so you should adequately choose your speaker. A speaker of high power rating should be able to serve the purpose of DJing, so you should purchase a speaker of high power as a DJ. 


your budget will determine the type of speaker that you will be able to purchase as there are different speakers of different sizes and models so the speaker you will be dependent on this features and the price for which it is available in the market. Proper budgeting should be made to purchase the best type of speaker that will suit the purpose for purchase and what you want to use it for.

The following quality DJ speakers are the top 10 speakers that we have carefully selected for blasting of songs and making ceremonies and events more lively and impressive to be. If you need a new speaker to replace the old one or you are planning on getting yourself an excellent speaker, then these speakers will serve you well. 

Best DJ Speaker Reviews

the JBL PRX425 is the number one if the top-rated best DJ speakers around as it is a top DJ speaker which can suit the outdoor DJ speakers and DJ speakers for home. The JBL PRX425 is a dual speaker which has a length of about 15 inches which has a high-frequency driver, and it is of great design, being constructed with birch or the poplar plywood. The design of this speaker makes it very durable, and it lasts more extended than any speaker due to the material from which it is made.

The body of this speaker is covered with a resilient DuraFlex which features a rugged 16-gauge steel grill. The speaker is a top DJ speaker which ranks among the loudest DJ speakers which makes it one of the speakers that can be used in gatherings that are done outside and it has a Neutrik Speakon combination connector which makes it a great speaker for professional use. The speaker has a class D amplifier which helps to improve its functionality and capability in the production of sounds.

The speaker is made with a recessed handle by construction which makes it very easy to move from one place to another, and it also features a Sonic guard feature which helps in the protection of a high-frequency driver against excess power. The sound produced by this DJ speakers reaches the audience naturally and intelligently producing the music in a manner that does not require any excessive or additional effect to make the sound awesome and spectacular to the hearing. This speaker has a maximum power rating of about 2400W, and it has a high sensitivity of about 100 dB SPL, a nominal impedance of 4 ohms and a 90 by 50 general coverage pattern.

This speaker is one of the best speakers out there for DJing, not just one but the best of them all. This speaker is also an excellent gear for live sound reinforcement making it great for those who make use of speakers with their musical instruments. If you are looking for the speaker to create an excellent sound, then this speaker is the perfect choice for you. 


  • It had a quality class D amplifier 
  • It has a 134 dB peak decibel output
  • This speaker is straightforward to transport due to the nylon glass-filled handles with a rubber grip.
  • The speaker has a 12 M10 suspension point which helps to mount this speaker with ease.
  • It has a five-year warranty. 


  • This product does not have any shortcoming.

the Bose F1 812 has a perfect and great design which makes it very attractive, and this makes it stand out among others. The Bose F1 model 812 is a very flexible and it has a flexible array which allows it to take different forms. The vertical coverage pattern of this top DJ speaker gives you the chance to be able to control, and it can be used to create a straight, J, C or reverse J form.

The speaker can change its EQ automatically gives it the chance of maintaining its tonal balance for each coverage pattern. This speaker is one of the DJ speakers with bass added to it to make it function superbly and to create an excellent sound when combined with the Bose F1 subwoofer.

This speaker is of high functionality, and it has unique features that make it one of its kind, it features a bi-amplified design which has a two high output, and it also has a class D amplifier within it which helps to power the flex array and the twelve inch LF driver. This speaker is a DJ speaker for the money as it is costly and it may be take up your cash if you have not budgeted for such.

The Bose F1 is a great speaker, and it is unique with its full and consistent coverage from an eight driver mid/high line array, and it also has each of its drivers mounted on a custom waveguide. The product is very durable weighing about 44.5 pounds, and it fits well in a car for moving around. This speaker can be used just anywhere with its design, and it will suit the purpose for which you want to buy it. It also features a two input channel with volume controls that work independently. This speaker is powerful, and it gives low frequency from a two-inch high-performance woofer. 


  • It has a flexible array which makes it easy to shape the coverage pattern as you want
  • It weighs 44.5 pounds, and it is straightforward to transport
  • It can be used as home DJ speakers as it is very convenient to use and it does not consume much space.
  • It has an excellent 100 degree by 40-degree nominal coverage
  • Well fitted handles which make it very easy to transport


  • It has a maximum power rating of 1000W.


this speaker is one of the best speakers for DJ as it is of lightweight, it is mighty, and it produces a calm and beautiful sound. This speaker is the “king” of the cheap DJ speakers as it can provide excellent sounds that are top-notch making it one of the speakers that are in high demand for DJing. 

This speaker has a length of 12 inches which is fitted in a lightweight body which makes it one of the best speakers that can be used by DJs that go to occasions or events with their speakers, that is it is very mobile and easy to connect. This speaker is a charming speaker who delivers a lovely and awesome 1000 watts sound, and it has excellent circuitry protection which can accept an XLR connection and a ¼ inch connection. 

This speaker produces a nice and neat sound which is very realistic due to the quality guaranteed by the DMT and DSP introduction correction. This speaker is not just any kind speaker, it has a directivity matched transition which gives a remarkable low and high-frequency coverage, and this feature allows the speaker to be able to eliminate any fluctuation in temperature - if it is too high or too low - zones. This speaker has a 145 degrees diaphragm compression HF driver which allows it to work very high and it makes it work on a large scale. This speaker can manage low-frequency transients, and it also delivers a maximum power of 2000W, and it weighs just 41 pounds, and it is of a little cost. 

These speakers can be used as a home DJ speakers, and they are good DJ speakers for home parties and small events done at home as they can produce sounds that are very efficient and can bring life to a little game. The extensive DSP which it possesses helps to maximize the ultimate performance of this speaker. 

This wireless DJ speaker helps to create an excellent sound, and it is notable for its ability to be able to boost a ten-ohm nominal impedance, and it ensures a high-quality sound when such a speaker is used in conjunction with other speakers or gears that can make sound production of great essence to the ear. 


  • It provides a seventy-five degrees nominal coverage.
  • It is lightweight, weighing 41 pounds which makes it very easy to transport from one place to another.
  • It has a transition which is directly matched, and it produces a low and high-frequency coverage around the room.
  • It is of low price, and it is a product of high quality for sound production.


  • The warranty year is quite low as compared to other models of speakers available in the market.

JBL EON 615 DJ Speaker

The JBL EON 615 speaker is an excellent development as it has the potential of hitting in for different applications as it is of an improved technology which makes it a leading and all-purpose speaker. If you are planning on learning how to DJ at home or you need a speaker to supplement those you have, then this speaker is an excellent deal for you as it will serve you well. 

This DJ speaker is an affordable, capable and easy-to-use PA system which weighs 39 pounds with a significant dimension of 27.9 × 16.9 × 14.5 inches. This speaker is an active one which has its amplifier embedded in it. This speaker is one of the DJ speakers with woofers integrated into it, not like the ordinary DJ speakers where the amplifier is connected to the speaker externally, the speaker has its amp which is attached to it by default from production making it a superb and excellent technological advancement. 

This speaker also features the Waveguide technology which makes it very easy to have total control of the DSP EQ embedded parameters via Bluetooth. This Bluetooth DJ speaker features a 15 degrees woofer with a bass reflex cabinet and a proprietary waveguide technology. This speaker has a maximum or peak power rating of 1000W and a continuous rating of 5000W which also have a class D amplifier which helps to increase its range for functioning. 

This speaker can be used to produce loud and impressive sounds that are of great wavelength, and they produce sounds that are great to the ear. This speaker is not just great for DJing, it also has some features such as the onboard EQ preset, crossover contour for adding an EON sub, XLR loop-thru. 

It also has four handles for easy transportation that can be used for DJing in parties with a small audience, and it is excellent for use indoor and for practicing DJing. The speaker has a simple design and it usually comes in pair and this speaker can be controlled when connected to Bluetooth enabled devices such as your computer system, iOS devices, and androids. 

also has 110 degrees by 60 degrees coverage pattern, and it is about 22 inches high. It is convenient and comfortable to use, and it is of great advancement following the Bluetooth functional use of this speaker.


  • It has four handles which makes it very easy to transport, that is, it is of high mobility. 
  • It has multiple setup configurations 
  • It is very portable and durable
  • It has a JBL waveguide technology
  • ​Bluetooth compatibility for easy control.


  • No obvious disadvantage.


this speaker is an excellent speaker for the DJ’s use, and it is excellent for the production of music as well. The Yamaha DXR15 is a powered speaker which requires an external power source to get it on track. This speaker includes a three-channel mixer and an EQ control which helps to maximize the speaker protection and make it very safe to use. This speaker had a 1000W power rating, and a fifteen-degree woofer and this speaker can be used in any event, be it in a small gathering or for a large auditorium. 

The speaker weighs about 59.5 pounds, and it has a superb frequency range (49 Hz to 20kHz) which allows for the production of beautiful sounds that are very audible. A combination of this speaker with nice gears helps in the production of beautiful sounds that helps the audience to hit the dancefloor as soon as the song starts to make its way into the heart of the people. This speaker when not used for performing can be used at home as an external speaker for your video player or stereo (increasing the functionality of this speaker). 

This speaker is DSP protected for an awesome and a maximized control and this speaker will be able to work for at least four years of extensive and accurate use. This speaker, being a product of an excellent and trustworthy producer or manufacturer takes its ground for durability and functionality. It is made out of a durable material which makes it superb and of great reckoning among others.


  • It has a 1000W power rating for class D
  • It has a DSP which is controlled for its peak output and protection
  • It has an amazing total range capacity 
  • Great scalability of use


  • It is quite a heavy weighing about 60 pounds (59.5 pounds) 


The QSC K10 is not just an ordinary speaker, this speaker can meet the needs of all DJs that are in for delivering the best quality sound to their audience. The K10 two-way powered speaker has been redesigned, and it has an ultra-efficient power module which routes to the extent of two times the power of the low-frequency driver. 

This design of the QSC products sets a high standard regarding sound production, and it contains a class D amplifier which produces a clean sound with a continuous rating of 1,012W and a peak power rating of 2000W. 

This speaker is lightweight and easy to use speaker which makes the transportation and movement (as well as setting up) very easy. This speaker can make great sounds that seem to be more for it to handle. This speaker just like every other speaker from the K series has a multi-function digital display which helps to control all the activities related to the selection and control of the loudspeaker functions which includes crossover, delay, EQ and frequency contour. Although this speaker looks small, it can withstand the vigorous use attached to speakers used on a professional basis. 

This speaker weighs about 39 pounds, and it is made out of a high-grade material which gives the speaker the great reliability it deserves as a top ranking speaker among others. This speaker is a flexible gear which has an onboard DSP and preset EQ contours which makes it easy for the speaker to adopt practices to any venue where it is to be used, be it at home or an event. It also helps to save settings to avoid doing the same thing over and over again when you want to make use of this speaker. 


  • It is lightweight and easy to transport 
  • It has a 2000W class D amplifier module
  • It is portable, versatile and reliable
  • Intrinsic correction tuning and management of loudspeaker. 


  • There are no visible flaws in this product. 


the JBL JRX215 speaker is a high-quality speaker that is designed for use when performing live, which means that this speaker is a high gear required by all DJs that want to show the world what they have got. This speaker is fit for use in a large auditorium, and it is a heavy duty gear. This speaker is known for producing quality sound at a meager price making it an excellent speaker which delivers quality at a low price. 

This speaker is not just an ordinary one; it helps in the application of this speaker for efficient and a high powered appliance which has a high volume distribution. The speakers are about 15 inches tall with a very low-frequency driver, and it also have a diaphragm driver compression made of a polymer, it also has capacitors of high voltage and indicators with massive cores and a heavy gauge wire. This speaker is super rugged, and it could overcome the test of time if correctly and efficiently managed. 

With its unique construction, this speaker has a double-angled pole mount attachment region which allows the speaker to tilt while working and it will enable the sound to cover a larger area than when stagnant and facing a particular region or area. It features durable construction, speaker enclosed, steel handles, and a steel grille. This speaker weighs about 60.5 pounds; it has a maximum SPL of 128dB and a power rating of about 250W / 1000W. This sound system is capable of producing sweet sounds for DJing. 


  • Progressive Transition high-frequency waveguide.
  • It has an enclosure which uses advanced adhesives and mechanical fastener technology which helps to increase its durability and functionality. 
  • It has high voltage capacitors and indicators which have dense cores. 


  • They cannot be used at homes due to their large size. 


the Yamaha Club V series S115V is a speaker with a distinct design which has oversize steel handles, a steel corner protector and a steel jack plate. This speaker is of heavy duty, that is, it can work under a very powerful condition and subjection. This speaker also has a heavy gauge perforated steel grille for drivers protection, and it is made of a covering with a tight black carpet. 

This speaker has a height of 14.8 inches making it easy to fit well into places which can be used for transporting this speaker with ease, and this speaker weighs about 64.8 pounds, and this speaker requires an amplifier to be able to produce awesome sounds. This speaker being passive is rated as DJ speakers with woofers used externally. However, this speaker is great for its specifications, and it produces sounds that will sweep you off your feet when it is well connected and is used to project musical sounds. 

This speaker has an output wattage of 500W, and the internal passive crossover of this speaker has protection circuitry which helps to guard against the damage that may occur when it is in use.


  • Exclusive phase plug which reduces harmonic distortion inside the driver
  • Internal passive crossover with protection circuitry 


  • It has a three-year warranty which is very low as compared to other high rated speakers 
  • It is heavy and not convenient to transport from one place to the other. 


The Behringer Eurolive B212D is an active speaker system which has a woofer and a compression driver which are 12” and 1.35” respectively, and it is a high powered PA reinforcement speaker system. This system produces sound, and it has a revolutionary class D amplifier technology which has tremendous power, an incredible sonic performance, and it is lightweight. This speaker has a low power rating if about 550W is making it perfect to use in houses and small gathering events.

This speaker has a driver which produces deep bass and acoustic power; it also has a dedicated EQ which can help in the adjustment of perfect sounds. The speaker has a trapezoidal, in the shape of a trapezium, design which makes it suitable for various positioning of the speaker and it can be tilted to the right to rest on its side with which it serves as a floor monitor. This speaker is a DJ speaker with a stand which can be fitted on a 35mm pole socket and it is exceptionally rugged. 


  • Delivery of high power with low weight (39 pounds).
  • Revolutionary class D amplifier technology. 
  • It features a stereo music system.
  • Transporting due to its portability is easy. 


  • It cannot be used for high powered functions, that is, in places that require massive sound systems. 


This speaker is also an excellent speaker for DJing, though not on a high professional level, it can be used by starters that are still learning how to DJ and are still trying to develop their skills in this line if music. This type of DJ speaker being the least regarding rating on performance can be used as DJ speakers for beginners in the profession of DJing when at home or when a professional DJ is practicing his skills. 

This speaker is very portable, and it has an HF compression driver and LF transducer of 1.75” and 12” respectively and the compression driver is usually mounted on a multi-cell aperture. This speaker has excellent characteristics of uniformity as it works well with mixers and amplifiers produced by its manufacturers. This speaker has a peak power handling of 750W with an input impedance of eight ohms. 

This speaker also has a tough, and an impact-resistant exposure of the speaker which has a sturdy handle and it is of great design. This speaker is one of the many portable DJ speakers, and DJ speakers withstand. 


  • It has a portable precision passive loudspeaker with HF compression driver and LF transducer. 
  • This speaker gives an accurate reproduction of the upper mid-range and high frequencies. 
  • It has a tight, impact-resistant enclosure with study
  • It is designed to function well with the Mackie amplifiers and mixers.


  • Cannot be used for big DJ performances.

Final Verdict

Speakers are super awesome instruments or gears that are necessary for the production of sounds that will bring joy out if people. There are various types of speakers based on their prizes though not very efficient for DJing; they can be used for other purposes when it comes to the production of high and awesome sounds. Speakers could range at a price less than $500, and they can be used for varying purposes. We have DJ speakers under 300, DJ speakers under 200 and DJ speakers under 100 (although this is not common).

Most times, getting an excellent speaker of choice can be a tough thing as most of the best DJ out there are very costly, so how can you get yourself a speaker that will be able to meet your intended purpose even with a low budget. It is advisable that as a new DJ, you do not need to have all the money to set up before you can start DJing. There is planning es where gears (equipment) such as speakers are put on rent to meet the demand of the people, so essential equipment such as your DJ controllers and some rented speakers can help you kick-start your profession. 

The total number of speakers available on the market is quite high, and it is fascinating that among all, only one of these speakers will be ranked first. However the case, the JBL PRX425 has been listed first for so many reasons ranging from its high power and sophistication and this speaker has been found to meet the demands of the DJ with its high power rating and the overall capability of this speaker. 

This rating, however, may not interest you like some other speakers mentioned there as well, the other speakers me turned are also great to use (from the first to fifth) as they are all speakers of great design, and they all deliver the best sound possible through them, and they are highly rated speakers that have been tested and found to be very durable and excellent when in use. 

You should try any of these speakers if you are looking for an excellent speaker to purchase to bring out the DJing skill in you. Moreover, the best speakers are chosen on the basis of their capacity to be used for DJing, however, you can get any of the other speakers for any of your activities that requires sound system such as religious services, music recording, and some other activities that will require the need of a speaker that can bring out the noise, especially when your use the DJ speakers with Subwoofers, which will give you a chance to monitor the sound produced from the speaker properly. 

All of the above-listed speakers produced a clean sound which makes them distinct from other speakers of low quality. Also, the intended period of time of which you plan on using the speaker you plan on purchasing will also determine the type of speaker that you should buy so that you can have an excellent experience, for someone who only needs a speaker to project sounds for a while to determine if his or her DJ skills can be marketed may need to get a small DJ speaker at first, let's say one of the best DJ speakers under 300 so that he will not be spending too much on the purchase of a speaker for such a purpose. 

So, you should have a very significant time while making your choice of the speaker as these speakers have their different and distinct characteristics, some DJs may prefer a DJ speaker with light to the regular speaker that are available so you should make your choice. An important aspect of choosing a speaker is to select the one that suits your desire and need (that is what you need the speaker for).

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