Best Tailgate Speakers: With Editor’s Choice

Are you ready for your next tailgate party? Besides the burgers, hot dogs, corn on the cob and sodas, music is another must-have ingredient. One of the best solutions over stock car/truck speakers is tailgate speakers. This can deliver high sound quality and booming bass for the big party. We’ll share our picks for the […]

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Best Party Speakers in 2019

A party without great sounding music is just like an awkward gathering perhaps a funeral. Most people want to have the feel of the music in their head as they gig it down on the party dance floor. You do not want to have a party whereby the music produced by the speakers is all […]

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how to make computer speakers louder

How to Make Computer Speakers Louder?

The audio output of your setup is a very important part of your overall computer experience. One of the more common audio problems encountered by users is that they may suddenly find the volume of their computer speaker has been inexplicably lowered.While this is indeed a very annoying situation, it does not automatically mean that […]

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how to connect speakers to computer

How to Connect Speakers to the Computer?

Most desktop computers do not have built-in speakers installed but only an audio output port, which is a good hint that PC manufacturers want you to buy the speaker yourself. Laptop owners, on the other hand, fare only slightly better than PC owners. While most laptops already have built-in small internal speakers, they lack the […]

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how to test speakers

How to Test Speakers?

There are a few reasons why you might want to test your computer speakers. For instance, you might have noticed that it suddenly stopped working and wants to do some preliminary testing with it. On the other hand, you might want to check if your speakers in terms of the quality of its sound. In […]

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