Best Turntable Under $100: Ultimate Buyer’s Guide for 2020

Are you a talented up-and-coming DJ or music enthusiast who just lacks the funds to make his dreams come true? Don’t worry, we have just compiled the list of best turntables and record players under $100.
If you are determined to be in the music industry, you can practice your skills on the best starter turntable that your budget can afford. Turntables and record players are one of the things you don't want to spend less than you should spend to save some bucks. 



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Although we have to admit that higher quality record players are essential for playing the most valuable albums, you can certainly create a series that doesn't bother you with a cheaper version of the record player. It is worth noting that lower-quality needles and belts may not always be suitable for sniffing when playing high-quality vinyl with real sound and stability. If you can extend your budget more, you can find record players that won't break your bank or your albums. However, when you want to get warm tones and subtle vinyl experiences, but you can't spend a lot of money on high-end record players, you can buy a model within your budget. 

Take note not to spend a large sum on any special album until you have the top turntable that can handle it with the accuracy and sensitivity it deserves. As the price is lower with these equipment, then there will be some sacrifices, which we will discuss in today's article. In other words, this article will introduce you to the best affordable turntables that we think are ideal for your money and those that are very suitable for beginners.

1. Jensen JTA-230

First listed on our list is the Jensen JTA-230. It is not surprising that this record player is one of the best-selling products on Amazon online shop. It has some similarities in features as most of the other record players listed in this article. For example, belt drive, stereo speakers, USB output, 33 ⅓, 45, 78 speed and speed control. It is also the most affordable option.

Let us first talk about good things. If your budget is tight and you can't afford anything else, this is a good choice. At the barest minimum, this turntable allows you to get the record turning without additional purchases, such as the preamps or speakers. It also offers you the ability to convert your vinyl into digital audio. The software to carry out this task is preloaded on it.

One of the major features offered by the JTA-230 is the stability of its speed. Steady rotation speed is very important for record players. The speed of the track is completely determined by the revolution speed of the phonograph disk. Each change in the rhythm slows or speeds up the soundtrack, causing the normal rhythm of the music to be distorted. Fortunately, the JTA-230 performed very well in this aspect. There are no complaints here.

The stylus is replaceable. This means that if your stylus gets worn out, you can easily buy new ones. You do not have to dispose of your turntable in the attic! Other features we love include Pitch Control, Belt-driven, Two built-in speakers, Replaceable stylus, and Plays 33 ⅓, 45 and 78

The tracking force is top of the list for discussion. The tracking force which is the pressure exerted by the stylus on your records. Sadly, the tracking force in JTA-230 is very powerful. Pressing down the disc too hard on the record player will eventually damage your grooves. Although, it will still be able to play your records, but may start deteriorating as the grooves begin to wear out.

We feel that the tonearm is also a bit fragile, but that should be expected of an under $100 record player. As for the speakers, the quality is fair enough. As a result, you should not expect these speakers to produce a crystal clear sound at a high volume. You may wish to endure it if you are not that choosy with sounds.


This is unarguably the Best Turntable For The Money, a good choice for someone with a low budget.


  • USB port included
  • Pitch, Tone, Volume controls
  • Connect to Digital audio players like iPod


  • Fragile tonearm
  • Too much tracking force can cause records to deteriorate fast

2. Wockoder Turntable With Inbuilt Speakers

A vintage and lightweight turntable with sought after features. LP Record player is worth buying and falls under budget. If you are new to listening to vinyl or operating turntables then give it a shot and never regret it. This belt-drive turntable comes with inbuilt speakers, wooden base and allows Bluetooth connectivity. It operates at three different speeds, like 33, 45, and 78 rpm. It has a diamond-shaped elliptical stylus, S-shaped tonearm and phono cartridge for delivering high performance. The stylus can be upgraded as per choice.

For 100 dollars, Record Player Turntable Wireless Portable LP Phonograph is the best pick. You will not find top features available in this TT unlike other high priced products. Record Player Turntable Wireless Portable comes with the features you need for daily use. You will find yourself falling in love with its vintage style look. This tough Belt drive TT comes with a dust cover to keep the platter and records dust-free. Dust tends to leave scratches on the records, so make sure you regularly clean the player. 

Spring is located at the base, which is responsible for improving sound production and absorbing the unnecessary vibrations. The shock absorption feature doesn't let the tonearm slip. It's one of the best features it has which most of the high-end turntables lack , and make you buy shock absorbers separately. The inbuilt speakers are loud enough, and if not satisfied, always remember you have the option to connect it with external speakers via RCA output. The wireless connectivity option lets you enjoy music in a versatile manner. Make it yours now and enjoy the clear sound.


This is one of the top-rated record players with a streamlined budget by Wockoder. It's packed with all required features to enjoy vinyls in the best way.


  • Affordable and Vintage look
  • Wireless and Belt driven
  • Solid base
  • Shock absorption
  • Portable
  • RCA outputs
  • Three speeds


  • Bluetooth is one way, you cannot connect it with Bluetooth speakers
  • Need to adjust RPM manually

3. Audio Technica AT-LP60

This simple record player, Audio Technica AT-LP60 is certainly one of the top-rated turntables you can buy on the budget below $100. While it does pass some accessories like built-in speakers, it does have a fully automatic tonearm, among other plus factors. It’s safe to say that this can easily be the best turntable for DJ under 100.

It is incredibly very light but produces crystal clear sound, coupled with a beautifully designed body. It will look great on almost any table, desk or other flat surfaces. In addition to the aesthetic, this record player by Audio Technica also can produce phono and RCA outputs, which makes it suitable for almost all possible configurations (some of the fairly more expensive models has USB ports if you plan to copy old discs). Also, the tonearm (the stick connected to the stylus) is fully automatic. Therefore, you should not worry about placing the needle correctly every time you insert a new disc.

While audio quality can compete with some of the most popular turntables for DJ on the market, the AT-LP60 has some limitations. Unlike many others previously reviewed above, this turntable has no built-in speakers. Therefore, if you decide to go for this model, you must obtain some powered speakers alongside, we recommend using Audioengine A2 +. This will significantly increase the price of the initial investment.

If you attempt to reuse a set of speakers without an integrated power source, you will receive no audio output except if the signal passes through a receiver (that is from the Turntable to the Receiver, then to the Speaker). Another disadvantage of this record player is that it does not play 78 revolutions per minute records. Also, because the record player has no suitcase design, its portability can be a major disadvantage. There are no built-in speakers or a rugged, portable case that you need to keep in place during the installation process.


If you are an up-and-coming enthusiast, or if you want to sit down and play on Friday night, this is the best audiophile turntable you can get at this price.


  • Phono pre-amp, built-in
  • Removable dust cover
  • lightweight


  • No suitcase design
  • No built-in speakers

4. Crosley CR6019D-BR

If you are looking to get started in turntablism and you’re low on budget, you can settle with this beginners’ turntable under 100. We were surprised that this cheap turntable has a USB port so you can easily turn vinyl tracks into digital audio for adding effects.

The portability of the Jet port operates at three speeds. Amazingly, it can play all types of records, i.e., the 45, 33 ⅓ and 78 RPM records. With the USB connection, this technically savvy equipment can convert a piece of vinyl music into a digital file at any time. This means you can copy those kinds of music that are not available on Apple music or Spotify but available on vinyl directly to your modern device because you can connect to a Windows personal computer or Mac. 

You can adjust your listening experience with the adjustable control buttons. There is also a built-in Bluetooth feature that lets you stream your favorite music wirelessly from Bluetooth devices to the Dynamic Executive Full-Range speakers. It also offers an integrated full-range stereo speaker with RCA audio output and an auxiliary input. 

However, many enthusiasts have said that the biggest complaint about this turntable is that there is no automatic arm. Unlike the Audio Technica LP-60, you are responsible for restoring the tonearm to rest of at the end of each record. AM/FM options are absent and do not have SD card slot.


This is most popular in several categories, depending on your perspective. We have decided to classify this as the Top Turntable for Beginners which can also compete with others in the above $100 class. 


  • Bluetooth receiver, built-in
  • 3 speeds
  • MAC/PC-compatible


  • No AM/FM radio
  • No SD card slot

5. Victrola Vintage Suitcase Turntable With Speakers

Vintage Suitcase is back with its newly designed and modernized turntables. Earlier during the 1960s, their designs were very basic, and features were weak, but it came back stronger now. On the outside, it looks still the same as years back, but inside it's packed with new impressive sought after features. The entire turntable setup is seated inside a suitcase kind of compact, stylish, and durable box along with the handle. The entire design makes it portable, thus fit for carrying along while travelling, trips, etc. Though the case is strong enough, it gets damaged when knocked down hard. 

Vintage Suitcase Turntables may not turn out to be best of all, but it's portable nature and excellent functions make it the best turntable under 100. There are around 33 different color options available to choose from once you decide to buy this TT. Isn't it amazing? Even the high-end models come up with merely two or three options or patterns. Inside, the volume control, power control button, and an input source port is present. The platter is made using thin plastic, and the setup is not encased in any soft material, which is required to reduce vibration and wear tear. It offers three-speed options, namely 33, 45 and 78rpm.

Another versatile feature it has is Bluetooth connectivity; you can easily stream music on a turntable by connecting it with another Bluetooth device. You can connect it with smartphones or tablets at a distance of up to 33 feet. It lacks shock absorption, which can make the tonearm jump while playing records. To resolve this issue, you can buy a shock absorber mat. Talking about inputs, the 3.5 mm aux input lets you connect it with external devices for the better listening experience. Hook the aux with CD or MP3 player and active speakers. For personal listening, make use of an inbuilt headphone jack. This low priced model works impressively well and can stream your favorite music.


Those who want to buy a turntable according to their personality and take it anywhere with you.


  • Best for beginners
  • 33 color options
  • Fully automatic cueing
  • 3 in 1 music player
  • Stream wirelessly also


  • Cheap platter
  • Needle skips vinyl sometimes


You can find decent turntables that are below or close to the $100 mark. The only thing to remember is that there are very few expectations for the characteristics that medium and high-level units would have to offer. The sound quality will not be close to the high fidelity level, but not everyone wants it. Many of the most popular record players under 100 have the essential features music enthusiasts will need and that’s all that counts for now.

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