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Not too long ago, a lot of people said that vinyl, as well as record players,  are gone. But fortunately, vinyl and turntables are back and now storming the market in the last few years. Vinyl is all the rage now as it was when it first appeared in the industry for music enthusiasts to enjoy. Although to some people record players are considered to be a relic of the past, turntable enthusiasts have turned the table around and proved this quite contrary. A lot of people are going back to the times when music was plain simple and pure, so it's right to say that record players are as popular as they used to be.




Flaunce RT81

Reloop RP-2000-M

U-Turn Audio

Crosley C100 Belt-Drive

Victrola Nostalgic Aviator

There are different varieties of best turntables under 300 in the market today, and with the rising number of brands yearly, we are placed right in front of our tables with a whole lot of choice to make from. The different varieties of vinyl record players come with different features, build quality and different prices, it all depends on what suits your needs. Some brands like U-Turn, Roland, Project, and so on have so much graced the market with so many varieties of record players that have left many people in total confusion on what choice to make.

A lot of these brands have added much innovation and creativity in the industry and a plethora of tidbits for your vinyl-heads. But I'm here today to showcase my best five turntables Under $300, yes just 300. You may be wondering, can I get a really good driven turntable for that price point? Well yes, you definitely can, all depending on the features you need and for what purpose. So, let's get right into the topic of contention:

1. Flaunce RT81 Turntable under $300

Let's begin our journey to my best five record player of all time with the Flaunce RT81. The Flaunce RT81 is a plain-looking piece which comes with new reliable technology and top-shelf features. It features an extremely reliable belt drive, a top-notch high-performance cartridge, a signal so clear that you would almost get confused if the music is being played live in your room, and a breathtaking walnut casing. The Flaunce RT81 presents you with a solid and weighty record player, that is rhythmically and dynamically capable of soothing your ears, with a built in phono that can capture even the tiniest sounds for your listening pleasure and attractive and well-designed engineering.

To begin with, the Flaunce RT81, is best for unparalleled sound quality, as it boasts high fidelity sounding performance due to its AT95E cartridge, and it's especially fine and pleasing diamond tip stylus, due to this, the tracking is carried out with pinpoint accuracy. I consider this as one of my best because of its classic appearance and excellent build quality, as it leaves no details outside with its good balances aluminum tone arm, that goes deep into the records grove.

Concerning the exterior design of the Flaunce RT81, it features a solid, sturdy wooden cabinet, with a walnut finishing. The Flaunce RT81 is best known for its performance and aesthetic features. Lastly,  the Flaunce is the best inexpensive turntables in the market. So if you’re looking for a high quality turntable that would serve you, and you do not want to pay a fortune for it, well this is one of the best turntables under 300 for your money.


  • Excellent build quality and features
  • High-performance cartridge
  • Perfect without fault or flaws sound clarity and tracking precision with its especially fine and pleasing diamond tip stylus
  • Best turntable under 300 for your money
  • The best inexpensive turntable in the market


  • Some parts of the interior are not too strong, a bit fragile and are likely to break under pressure.

Are you looking for the best mixing turntable for DJ? Yes, the Reloop RP-2000-M can turn out to be the best. This cheap turntable with impressive features does the job of DJing and scratching very well. The requirements of those who want a turntable for DJing is quite different from those who want it for use at home. Direct drive turntables are suitable for Djing compared to belt-driven ones as they generate high torque so the platter can move up quickly. However, it is not the best among all but capable of doing the job reasonably well. This black metallic finish piece is capable of connecting beat control and remote starter. It can play multiple records and has a powerful electric motor. 

You can run it at a speed of 33 and 45 rpm. The tonearm is S-shaped and doesn't skate when playing records. The top of the surface has buttons to start, stop, and change the speed. No dust cover provided, so you need to buy one. So if you are an aspiring DJ, then Reloop RP-2000-M is the best affordable option to consider.


  • Strong and heavy build
  • Great features
  • Connect with a beat counter or remote starter
  • Metal chassis


  • Fully manual
  • No tonearm height adjustment

This slightly over budget and elegant turntable with minimalist look has earned its place in the list. If you are a vinyl lover, then U-turn audio will never disappoint you. This turntable is packed with all the essential features and available in one color only, which we think is not a matter of concern. The U-turn comes with an Ortofon OMSE5 cartridge and needles; you can upgrade the needles later, but make sure you only use Ortofon. 

Orbit plus is a reflection of perfection. On top, it has a power switch. As its a belt-drive turntable, so you need to operate it manually and lift the belt for changing speeds between 33 and 45 rpm. As you have to manually lift the stylus and adjust so ensure you precisely place it at the right spot; otherwise, the needle will break or the record will get scratches. The 5/8" acrylic platter adds more accuracy and helps to eradicate vibrations or unwanted noise. It doesn't have an inbuilt preamp, so you have to buy it separately and lack a USB port also. Overall, orbit plus is excellent for serious audiophiles and has every feature in place. If it's your first turntable, let us tell it does its primary job well playing vinyl and producing clear, refined sound.


  • Manual and belt-driven
  • Excellent build quality
  • Precision tonearm
  • Machined acrylic platter


  • Single color available
  • Manually adjust the stylus

Crosley is consistently improving when it comes to high-quality manufacturing turntables. For the category of best turntables under 300, we reviewed Crosley C100. It's a belt-driven turntable and can run at two speeds, namely 45 and 33 rpm. It's made up of sturdy, high-quality plastic and aluminum platters. C100 comes packed with a built-in preamp to enjoy music after connecting it with powered speakers. The s-shaped tonearm tends to reduce skating and deliver excellent sound. Other functions it has are lift control, height adjustment, detachable RCA cables, and lockable tonearm. 

C100 comes with Audio Technica AT3600L cartridge and removable headshell that lets you change the cartridge easily. Overall, it's a manual TT and best option for beginner DJ 's as it has got all sought after functions. The counterweight feature makes it anti-skate and delivers fine tunes. C100 is massive, significant, and engineered for fewer vibrations. If you are looking for a TT that won't cost you a fortune, then C100 is the right pick.


  • Good quality cartridge
  • A better sound than previous versions
  • Affordable and elegant design
  • Tonearm adjustment


  • Plastic build
  • For best sound quality you need to connect it with the phono preamp
  • Prone to vibration

5. Victrola Nostalgic Aviator Wood 8-in-1 Turntable under 300

Let us round things up with the Victrola nostalgic aviator 8-in-1 turntable. This one of the best turntables under 300 you can get for a very low price range, and without skimping on these great features, you love it so much. The Victrola Nostalgic Aviator Wood 8-in-1 Turntable has a vintage casing but more of modern features. It also allowed you to play your favourite old school and a new album in three (3) unique speeds, 33, 45 rpm, 78 RPM records. This turntable is more than just a turntable, as it supports a CD player, cassette player, with AM/FM radio also with a nostalgic rotatory tuner. This old school designed turntable is also Bluetooth compatible, which allows you to connect your smartphone to it, and play your songs on it wirelessly.

This turntable also features a USB connection, that is great for direct converting of your vinyl records, CD's and cassette to a digital format and sending it to a flash drive via the USB port. Then you can transfer it from the flash drive to your computer and to any other devices you may want it. Additionally, it also comes with a remote control that allowed you full functional control of this turntable except for power off and on as you would have to do that manually, and it does not have auto-stop feature also, so you would have to raise the tonearm off every time a song reaches the high end.


  • Built-in CD player, cassette player, vinyl records, and FM/AM radio
  • Vintage casing looks great
  • Not too expensive
  • Includes three extra needles and a small flash drive
  • Bluetooth compatible 


  • Limited functionality on the remote control
  • No auto-stop feature and no return on the remote control
  • No RCA output jacks for connecting to other speakers


In general, these are the few best turntables under 300. Each of the record players listed above offers more than the price of the turntable itself, so each of this turntable will give you more than you paid for. None of them is a pick that you would regret if you stick to your specific needs, desire, budget and limitations, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

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