In-ceiling Speakers

In-ceiling speakers are not a very common type of speakers that are usually used along those that make use of audio equipment solely because of the technicality involved in the installation of this type of speakers. Like all conventional speakers available in the market, the In-ceiling speakers produce great and awesome audio quality, even better when properly installed at the right position. The In-ceiling speakers are not as popular among users of audio equipment as the standalone speakers, that is those that are placed at a particular place or area of a building.

 The Best In Ceiling speakers are designed in such a way that the sound produced from these speakers are regulated in such a way that everybody present in the building will have access to the same quality if sound produced by the speakers. The In-ceiling speakers are aligned in a special and specific manner in which the speakers are installed at specific points so as to produce harmonious songs directly downwards, and they are usually used in combination with other sound producing equipment when required for more powerful music discharge. The In-ceiling speakers are usually very small in nature, and they usually come in pairs (not all models). However, you can buy as many as possible based on your requirement.

 If you are a lover of music and you have been looking for the best way to enjoy music while at home without tampering with the design of your house, then, the In-ceiling speakers are the best for this particular purpose. When you make use of the In-ceiling speakers, you do not need to be worried about where to put the speaker as long as you have made proper consultation about the installation of the speaker, or you can also get a handyman to help you with the easy installation. The use of this type of speaker reduces the complexity of your house, and it will make it, even more,easier to control, and it gives a better and proper orientation to the house and your environment.

 The In-ceiling speaker from its name is a type of speaker that is located in the ceiling, the orientation of the speaker is made in such a way that it gives a chance for the easy distribution of sound all around the house or place. As an edge over the standalone speakers, the In-ceiling speakers have been argued to produce a better sound quality  as compared to the normal party speakers; this is usually due to the fact that the sounds are not produced towards a single direction but in all directions. You will not be surprised to find it very add to recognize the speaker when fitted in the ceiling as this speaker will have been coloured to take the colour if the ceiling, this will also air the natural characteristics of the speaker.

Where can you use the best In ceiling speakers

The In-ceiling speakers are as said “small” speakers in size as compared to the heavy duty speakers referred to as the standalone speakers. The In-ceiling speakers beat the standalone speakers in functionality and versatility as they can be used just anywhere as long as you have a roof with a ceiling attached to it, it is a super convenient appliance that everyone should have at home. The In-ceiling speakers can be used just anywhere ranging from your living space to the kitchen, even in your bathroom, this type of speakers are great for use as long as they are properly and well installed. 

The In-ceiling speakers do not just fit well in anyplace; they are awesome in the sense that they can anywhere as long as there is an available space for you to use it. You might be wondering if this is possible, yeah it is possible. You can install your In-ceiling speaker just anywhere as long as you have the necessary space and you know the exact amount of speaker that will be able to handle the space you want to install it at the optimum level. 

Some of the places where the best In ceiling speakers can be installed are as follows:

  • LIVING ROOM:if you want to bring life into your home, the best ceiling speakers for home theatre can be used to meet this need. Here, the speakers used must be those that produce better sound quality and nice beats. Speakers can be easily installed in your sitting room, and this will help to reduce the space that will be taken by the contemporary standalone speakers.
  • KITCHEN: this is an additional place to add the in-ceiling speakers if you know that you want to enjoy solemn music when you are working in your house. Bring enjoyment into all the work you do while in the kitchen. This will help to keep the vibe to work more and efficiently high.
  • BATHROOM: it might not be a popular practice among those who make use of the In-ceiling speakers, but it is possible to install an In-ceiling speaker in your bathroom making it easy to enjoy your stay in the bathroom for the short while of taking your bath. You should install the In-ceiling speaker in your bathroom to have the best possible experience from this type of speaker
  • OTHERS: if you can think of a part of the house where there's a ceiling, then it is possible for you to install the In-ceiling speakers and make the pepper use of these speakers.

You do not have to worry much about the proper alignment of the speaker, we will later review in-ceiling speakers, and you will be made to know all the necessary things you should put in place and the type for In-ceiling speakers that are suitable for each location of the house. As much as you need the speakers, you should give it a proper orientation before installing the speakers in your home to get the best result and help in the appropriate distribution of the sounds.

Benefits of Using In-ceiling speakers

The In-ceiling speakers can be used by all lovers of music and those who crave for good audio quality. This type of speakers is good whenever it comes to portability, delivering sounds of good quality, versatility, and creativity. These speakers are very beneficial to you as long as you know what you want and you wish to give it the best trial possible. 

There are various advantages of using In-ceiling speakers when compared to standalone speakers, and this benefits includes the following :

  • SPACE SAVING CAPABILITIES:  the ideal way in which an In-ceiling speaker is fitted to the house is by running the wires or cables through the wall rather than leaving them lying on the ground. The way in which these speakers are arranged helps to save space in the house, and it does not interfere with the design or plan that you have for your house at all.
  • IN-BUILT ACOUSTICS: the speakers are designed to produce nice and audible sounds that can be easily heard and we'll distinguish when played. The sound quality and sound volume are usually better when compared to the normal standalone speakers available in the market. You will not blame yourself if you can get In-ceiling speakers for use rather thanks to the normal speakers that are available for use.
  • MAKES THE HOUSE LOOK MORE REAL: if you have been having a whole lot of problem trying to figure out the best way to keep your house real even after getting a speaker that can actually be of great help for producing songs, then the In-ceiling speakers will be a very good gear when used in combination with other equipments. When the speakers are installed, they are perfected in such a way that the speakers are painted with a similar color to the ceiling so as to make your house look less complicated and very real.
  • PROVIDE BETTER SOUND QUALITY:  this is to all those who want to have a blast of music in their home theatre system, you will be doing yourself a great favour if you can get an In-ceiling speaker, the In-ceiling speaker according to a survey is believed to produce better sounds when compared to the large speakers and they also have a better dissipating strength.
  • THEY CAN BE USED JUST ANYWHERE:the best ceiling speakers are very unique because they can be used just anywhere, you can use it in your bedroom, living space, kitchen, bathroom and another convenient part of your home. This speaker is very comfortable to use anywhere, the only hindrance you can have is getting the best type of speakers that will be able to meet your needs and those which are of good quality, as well as those that can be installed quite easily and quickly.
best in ceiling speakers

What you should Look for when purchasing an In-ceiling speakers

The purchase of a good In-ceiling speaker can be very stressful and bothersome, it can be very tiresome, and it might require some speciality in choosing the best speaker that will suit your needs. However, it is important to take note of the various factors that you should put into consideration when you want to purchase a particular type of speaker. There are so many factors that you should consider whenever you want to purchase a speaker of good quality for your home. 

The factors to consider are as follows:

  • SIZE: this is an important factor used in determining if a speaker will be suitable for your use. The size of the speaker you should purchase should be directly proportional to the size of your room or where you want to use it for so as to allow for the proper sound distribution. If you purchase a speaker that is of small size for a room that is spacious, the sound quality will be very low, and it may not be of great benefit if an inappropriate speaker is purchased. However, it is important to take note that the size of the speaker when in consideration can also be combined, that is, two or more small speakers producing nice sound quality can be combined to produce a nice and harmonious song.                                                                             Therefore, it is important that you take into consideration the size of the speaker and the size of your room when you want to purchase a suitable speaker
  • SOUND QUALITY: this is the latest important thing that you should go after when you want to purchase an In-ceiling speaker. The frequency response, watts, and decibels of the speaker should be taken into consideration. The frequency response of a speaker refers to the actual range of sound that the speaker can produce, the watts refers to the highest amplified power output, this determines the capability of the regular speaker to produce sounds. The decibels, on the other hand, refers to the sensitivity of the speaker, so it is important that you consider these three factors as they will help to determine the sound quality that will be produced by the speaker.
  • SAFETY: this is an important requirement of a good speaker. It is important that you keep yourself and your speaker safe by not making use of a wire that is not recommended for that use. You should make sure that the cables used for the wiring of the house are those approved for its use to prevent the possible problem of fire outbreak.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: this is a factor that has to be considered as we are dealing with speakers that need to be fitted in the ceiling. The installation process, although not laborious, but might require the need of a professional if you are not so handy, that is, if you cannot do it by yourself. You should be careful when it comes to getting the wires or cables to the place where the equipment for producing sounds are located.
  • SHAPE:the shape of your house will determine the shape of the speaker that you will love to buy, so it is very important that you consider the shape of your speaker in relation to your own house or abode. This is an important factor that you must consider when you want to purchase a speaker.
  • WHOLE HOUSE MUSIC: here you will be considering if you want to have a single speaker in your house or having the whole house loaded up with speakers. If you are planning to have a whole house speaker, that is, having a speaker in all parts of your house, this is possible as long as you have what it takes to have such a nice and awesome environment within your abode.
  • BUDGET: the amount that you are planning to spend will determine a lot about the type of speaker you will purchase. If you do not have enough money to meet the required standard, you may have to bend to get speakers that will be confined within your small budget. This is an important factor that must be considered before purchasing any speaker as this will determine your choice of speaker.
  • STEREO SOUNDS: some speakers come singly, and they produce mono sounds, that is, sounds that are similar in quality but when you have speakers that come in pairs, then you want to enjoy the stereo sound that can be produced on both ends of the speakers. You will surely enjoy the compatibility which exists between these two speakers. However, there may be some time when you will prefer the mono sound to the general stereo sounds.
  • MOISTURE CAPABILITY: not all speakers have the ability to withstand a lot of water available in their surroundings. As speakers varies from one another, it is important that you note that the moisture rating of these speakers varies from one another, therefore before purchasing and installing a speaker in locations such as your bathroom, kitchen, and other places, you should consider the moisture content of the speaker and take note of it to prevent explosion and easy corrosion of the speaker.

Distinctive Features of an In-ceiling speaker 

If you are looking for In-ceiling speakers and you are not certain or sure if what you want, then there are ways with which you can recognise year speakers with ease and these speakers usually have the following features:

ABILITY TO DIRECT HIGH FREQUENCIES: this is a major feature of the best In ceiling speakers, they are all unique in design and they usually contain a tweeter which can be rotated with ease and made to produce sounds in different directions. This tweeter helps to direct sounds to all directions due to its easy moving ability.

ABILITY TO PRODUCE STEREO SOUNDS FROM A SPEAKER: some of the In-ceiling speakers are designed to meet the needs of those that have a small space bit prefers listening to stereo music rather than the mono sounds. The stereo sounds are usually as a result of a left and right sounds coming from a single speaker at the almost the same location.

WELL-DESIGNED SPEAKERS FOR SPECIFIED AREAS: if you are planning on putting a speaker in your bathroom, there are water resistant speakers available in the market now that can help a lot in determining if a speaker is suitable for a particular part of the house or not. Therefore, when you are purchasing a speaker for places like your bathroom, you should purchase one that is high resistant and also have a high moisture rating. 

The Best In-ceiling Speakers in 2023

When you are considering a speaker as one of the best speaker out there, that means such a thing (speaker) has met all the necessary and needed requirements of a typical speaker, and it is great and high quality when compared to the other speakers available in the market. Here, we will bring to your notice some of the best In ceiling speakers that are available out there with their pros and cons.

The list if the beat In-ceiling speakers out there that are recommendable for your use are as follows:


 this is the highest ranking speaker available in the market, this is a waterproof In-ceiling speaker which is distinct with its ability to meet all the necessary needs of those who love to enjoy music while at home. This speaker functions as an in-ceiling surround speaker and they have the ability to produce nice sounds at home to your hearing if it is well installed. This speaker features an easy ability to install without a need to make use of the ground or shelf area. The speaker can be easily installed by cutting a hole in the ceiling, connecting the necessary cables and placing the speaker in the drilled space. 

The 2-way speaker is capable of securing itself within the provided space; it also has the ability to remain unnoticed due to the presence of the paintable grille. This speaker usually has a frequency which is about 35 Hz to 20kHz which makes it very clear and more pleasant to the hearing. The speaker is capable of producing a nice bass sound, and it has the ability to add sonorous effects to the songs played.

The speaker is fitted with a moisture resistant body making it versatile, and it can be used in rooms of medium and large sizes conveniently. Also, it can be also used in kitchens, bathrooms and other places that contain a whole lot of moisture exposure from time to time. You should always make sure that this speaker is well arranged to get the best from this product and it will not fail you. 

The speaker has a simple design which belongs easily with any decoration making it an in-ceiling speaker for home theater due to the sound produced by this speaker. This speaker has a soft dome tweeter with a 15 degree swivel mount making it very easy to move and direct clear sound very easily towards your direction with ease.


  • Very easy to install 
  • It is moisture and water resistant
  • The guide is very simple to follow for installation 
  • It has a placed tweeter for normal sound projection 
  • It blends easily with home decoration. 


  • It is very costly
  • It has a narrow sound region
  • Distortion of sound at maximum volume. 


this speaker is very distinct and superb. It is a well designed and structured speaker from a reputable and well-known producer; you can be assured of your investment in this speaker. This is a very good speaker you will always find in the market for perfect sound clarity when you are talking about in-ceiling speakers for surround sounds that can meet all the necessary needs of their consumers.

This speaker is great if you are looking for a very complex setup within your home, whether you know the living space or bedroom, this speaker is great to meet all of your demand. As a high-quality speaker, this speaker is not just an ordinary speaker; it is highly durable as well as very functional, it has the ability to function on a single basis and can function greatly when used in combination with other equipment, that is, as a part of the sound system.

The speaker is usually sealed at the back cover (at its extremities) which helps to prevent the penetration of dust and also the intake of water into the body of the speaker. This speaker will last quite longer due to the fact that it is made out of highly durable material and it is combined conveniently with certain types of structures that helps to make it last longer than expected. In terms of sound production, this speaker has a distinctly shaped cap which helps to eliminate the extensive high frequencies thereby helping to produce a nice and awesome sound.

This speaker can function as an in-ceiling speaker for home theater due to its ability to produce a frequency of 50 Hz to 28 kHz, with a power of about 140 W with an impedance of eight ohms. This speaker is also equipped with a nice polypropylene mica woofer and a swivel tweeter which helps greatly in enhancing the sound quality produced from the speaker. This speaker has a slim body which can be well fitted to the ceiling; it is very easy, essential and distinct in nature and type. You can be assured of a great sound quality when you make use of this type of speaker.


  • It has a superb frequency capacity of 50 Hz to 28 kHz
  • Not too costly
  • It has a durable design which is very solid


  • May not be able to produce sound along with a large area, therefore has a great requirement for the additional woofer. 


this speaker is a very distinct and convenient type of speaker, it is designed solely to provide a superb background music performance, and it is a great speaker needed for making your sounds of great impedance quality as compared to the normal sound production. These speakers come in pairs, and it is a perfect fit when you need a speaker that is on a tight budget. This speaker is very comfortable to use as it gives a lower need to install it, with the use of a screwdriver, you are good to go. 

The speaker can be easily mounted with ease with the presence of the tabs on which this type of speakers can be mounted. This speaker is very distinct because you do not need to stress yourself, it will automatically attach itself to the outer wall perfectly. This speaker features an eight inches poly woofer for increased low-end response and a soft dome tweeter of about one inch. This tweeter is needed for an extended high, and it is usually connected through a 6db to achieve a high-quality sound at a frequency of about 40 Hz to 20 kHz.

This speaker produces an original sound with a flawless bass output. This speaker is very great for those who love to get attached to music, it is very distinct, and it gives you more sound than you wished for. If you are a lover of music, you will love to have this in your house no matter what, it is just the best. This speaker can be used in combination with other sound systems, and you can connect it with your home theater to produce a more pleasant sound.

This speaker features awesome and nice adhering capabilities, they are usually made available with clamps that are used for mounting it, and they are usually added to the speaker to make it highly secured and well mounted. When installing this speaker, you do not need any additional tool as it has been loaded with the right speakers and standard equipment necessary for its great function. The speaker is built with a magnetic grille which can be painted to meet the color of the rehearsal ceiling after being painted. 

This speaker produces an original sound with a flawless bass output. This speaker is very great for those who love to get attached to music, it is very distinct, and it gives you more sound than you wished for. If you are a lover of music, you will love to have this in your house no matter what, it is just the best. This speaker can be used in combination with other sound systems, and you can connect it with your home theater to produce a more pleasant sound.


  • Very easy to set up
  • Easy to match with Amy home decoration 
  • Averagely priced


  • The grille of the speaker can loosen from time to time. 


this speaker is an example of waterproof In-ceiling speakers, it is an excellent and brilliant quality speaker which is of a nice set up when in use. This speaker is also a two-way design speaker giving it it's best shot and making music one if the best things available to humanity with ease. It is very easy to install this speaker with tag help of the common tools that are provided to everybody for use when dealing with this type of speaker. There is no problem with its installation as long as you know how to handle small equipment that are usually available from repairs around. 

This is a cheap In-ceiling speaker when in line with the aid of the additional manual, you do not need to stress yourself out with the installation, get the procedures right and you will be good to go with the installation process. These speakers sound very distinct, and they also come with a distinct metal grille that can easily take the color of the ceiling when used in combination with the speaker. The speaker is surrounded by a rubber which helps to improve the speaker's functionality and lasting ability.

The speaker has a rubber structure that is available in the speaker will help to prevent high temperature and moisture which can cause damage to the speaker. The speaker is built to increase its durability and functional life following all of the materials that are used for extending the life of the speaker. This speaker is a three-way stereo sounds speaker producing nice effects to the resulting sound and a one-inch soft dome tweeter which helps to increase the quality of the music upon delivery. 

This speaker has a power of 350 watts and a high-quality frequency of 40Hz to 20kHz; it also has a high impedance of about 8 ohms with a 95db (power of sensitivity). This speaker is very awesome in its way, and it can be able to meet the necessary demands of functionality.


  • Easy installation
  • Has a waterproof design
  • It is relatively cheap
  • It has a superb bass stereo sound
  • It fits well into virtually all decorations 


  • It is not suitable for the receiver
  • It lacks a mesh for an additional protection 
  • It does not have adhesives that can help to put the grille in place. 


the in-ceiling speakers are speakers that produce great sounds. These speakers usually produce a high-quality sound which is very good, and it gives a natural feel. If you are looking for a speaker that can produce good quality and state, then you are good to go.

This speaker features a one-inch titanium tweeter which is good for individuals who want to increase their very own demand and also those with a very high budget and are ready to meet the necessary demand by purchasing a good speaker for a well-budgeted price range. This speaker helps to add class and style to your sound system. It is important to note that this speaker makes use of two cone woofer which helps to produce a swift and original sound. 

This speaker is highly sensitive with the 92db, and it also has a frequency response of about 46 Hz to 20 kHz which has a superb power of about 75 RMS with a maximum power output rating of 300 watts. The speaker is very easy to produce a clear sound; you get the best sound when you install this speaker in any way or dimension which you want. This speaker has a printable grille which can blend into the house decoration with optimum ease and function.

This speaker is not any speaker; it has a custom setting which makes it an Atmos in ceiling speakers bowing to the fact that this speaker can be made to fit the environment. These speakers have the ability of having a nice and awesome effect on the whole sound system thereby creating a more pleasant and suitable sound to the hearing.


  • It is very easy to design
  • It has a sleek and simple design
  • It is created for high efficiency 
  • It produces a rich and detailed sound
  • It becomes practically invisible when installed


  • It lacks the necessary installation kit. 


this speaker has the ability of delivering a crisp and distinct sound that is very distinct and superb. It is a top rated In-ceiling speaker considering its line of production, this speaker has been able to meet all of the demand of people who are lovers of sound and music. This speaker usually features a frequency of 38 Hz and 20 kHz giving it an edge if producing nice and sonorous sounds that are very pleasant to the ear. 

This speaker in its ways produces a sound from the standard sound level from the deepest bass tone to the pleasing sounds of high frequencies. The speaker in its way is very easy to install and it comes with a grille that can be well fitted to meet or have a color which is well aligned to that of the ceiling. You will not be surprised by the way it will fit well, and it will also give you the chance to paint and decorate it. 

The speaker has a small, unique structure which can help to save a whole lot of space and you need to be creative in making use of this speaker. When removing the grill, you should also be able to remove the paper easily with less force so someone does not tear it off. This speaker also has a titanium tweeter which can help to increase the sound frequency and speed in the very long run when you make use of it. This speaker works well when a 5.1 or 17.1 system is used with it, and it can be used with it as a front or back speaker.


  • Very easy to organize 
  • It has a low and subtle structure that makes it not easily noticeable
  • It is very cheap
  • It works well with some other home theater system that are combined with it.


  • It may require an extra powering engine for proper functioning. 


 this speaker usually comes in pair, and if you are in search of a speaker that is not too costly, then you have yourself a very great and excellent speaker. This speaker will help a lot to produce a super functional speaker. The speaker weighs about 9.8 pounds, and this speaker can be easily installed with little or no effort needed. 

This speaker has mounting hardware which is needed for the easy installation of the speaker. The speaker can be easily mounted and set up with the aid of the set up manual. The speakers are usually connected with the help of wires, and the wiring can be done neatly through easy installation and insertion on the wall. 

The speaker usually has a single color, making it very easy to blend very well with the decoration of the house. You can be well assured that this speaker will not take much of your space at all. This speaker has an impedance of 4 to 8 ohms and a sensitivity of about 88 dB and a power of about 150 watts RMS. 

The frequency if this speaker is usually about 35Hz to 20 kHz. If you are looking for a cheap in-ceiling speaker, you have gotten yourself one, very cheap yet producing a very nice sound.


  • It is budget friendly 
  • It can be easily adjusted 
  • The manual is very easy to follow


  • It has only a single design


this is one of the best In ceiling home theatre speakers because it functions well with the other home theatre system. It is a very versatile system which makes it a very distinct example of a good quality speaker which sounds and looks great in all ways. 

The speaker features a durable design which gives it an edge of easy installation, and it also comes with a level that can be flipped over (this serves as the mount system) which makes it very simple and trustworthy to mount the speaker. This speaker also contains a speaker which is made out of polypropylene mica which makes it very easy to direct the sound very quickly and produce sounds that are very superb and different in design and sound. 

This speaker helps a 20mm tweeter pivot that usually enables you to the greatness in the sound of your speaker to your desire. You have the will to make your speaker sound as you like and prefer. This speaker also has a heavyweight magnet which allows for the proper tuning of the speaker. It also produces nice sounds even when the volume is at the highest level, so you are guaranteed of a great sound.


  • It has a solid build cover that can be painted to enable your home decoration 
  • It is very easy to install
  • It produces awesome sound without any problem
  • Elegant design


  • It has a cover which is very hard to remove. 
  • It usually have a small connector 


this in-ceiling speaker produces a high quality sound and it is good in the production of nice sounds and they can always help in converting that your house into a small live cinema hall. The sound produced by this speaker are super awesome and they are very good for hearing. If you are looking for a way to make your home theatre system more entertaining and fabulous in terms of music production, this is a very nice gear for you to go with. 

This speaker features an eight inch black woven fibre bullet cone and a 8 ohm driver rated at 250 watts RMS and its installation is very easy. You can have a detailed cut out template and detailed installation instructions which are very easy for referencing. The grill added to this speaker and its frames are paintable and it usually matches well with the decoration of your house. This speaker can be a very good part of a surround speaker system setup, defining its ability to function in a lot of ways, that is, it can work greatly when combined with other sets of equipment in a sound system. It will be awesome to have this type of speaker that can actually work well to meet the essential demands of your house with you. These speakers are very awesome in that they can produce sounds that have frequencies that are as high as 30 Hz to 20 kHz and they produce nice and good songs for the audience. This speaker also has a sound sensitivity of about 92db and it has a tweeter which is usually placed on a 15 degree swivel mount.


  • It has a durable and water resistant design
  • It fits well in the ceiling and can also be used on walls
  • It has an elegant and easily adjustable design


  • It is very costly


this speaker is a very distinct speaker. It is a speaker that can be used for outdoor in ceiling speakers and they are good for areas of high humidity. They are designed to be water and moisture resistant making it very good for places where water or moisture content is high. 

This speaker cannot just be compared to any other kind of speaker, it has a solid construction and is suitable for outdoor use, you can use it anywhere that is fit outside with no need to worry yourself with the problem of having to use it. The speaker also has the ability to withstand high temperature at all times. The speaker is made of an elegant low design which is less prominent in the living space and bedrooms that have low ceilings.

The grill if the speaker can be painted with spray paint and this helps it to match the decoration greatly. The speaker will surpass your expectation as it produces high quality sound and it is very good for everyday use when you feel bored at home. Just try and get yourself into the speaker and you will be surprised with what you will notice.


  • It has a compact design which is very durable. 
  • It also have a waterproof design
  • It is good for rooms with dropping roofs (low ones) 
  • It has ten year warranty 


  • Very costly

The above mentioned speakers are very good, if you are looking for nice speakers that will fit well into your ceiling, you can be sure to get yourself one of these speakers and I can assure you that you will not be disappointed. 

If you are a lover of music and you are yet to get yourself one of these speakers then you really need to try one of them. These speakers have been tested and they are very trusted and I can assure you well that they will serve all your needs.

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