JBL 4367 Loudspeaker Studio Monitor: A Review

JBL 4367 Loudspeaker is out of stock, but we have another excellent DSP Powered Studio Monitor for you chosen by our editor - Neumann KH 80. This excellent build quality studio monitor follows professional standards. 

JBL 4367 is loudspeaker studio monitor from the makers of world-renowned audio equipment, JBL. The loudspeaker is commonly used as a home theater system and sometimes as an audio output for producers and studio directors.

The innovative technology involved in making the JBL 4367 separates it from the usual home theater system. In addition, the JBL 4367 is part of the Synthesis brand line; it focuses on custom works and acoustic performance. The loudspeaker has been a back to back winner of the Stereo Sound Audio Visual Grand Prix Award last 2016 and 2017.

JBL 4367 by JBL

Sound Quality




The sound is phenomenal. Perfect for in house concerts at the privacy of your home or a movie night.

The design is of a vintage look. No innovative aesthetic is incorporated

It is quite heavy and there are no side handles making it difficult to move. No wheel rollers as well.

Not many accessories are required for a loudspeaker.

What We Liked

  • The surround sound is great.
  • Compatible with media players.
  • The build is generally solid and durable.
  • Bass and treble sound harmonize very well.
  • Vintage aesthetics.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Really expensive.
  • Doesn’t include a side handle.
  • Doesn’t have any wheels or rollers.

What Is This Product?

The JBL 4367 was launched in 2015 so the model is still fairly new. One of the drawbacks is the availability being only in select physical music stores and the JBL website itself.

jbl 4367

The 4367 is part of the Synthesis brand line where it focuses more on custom works, acoustic performances and high-quality sound. JBL is a US company that produces audio products such as headphones and loudspeakers. It was founded 70+ years ago in 1946 and is a Harman subsidiary. 

The 4367 is in the high price range despite being released back in 2015. The technology involved can justify the steep price. The 4367 is a floor standing speaker that belongs to the Synthesis line. If you want a bookshelf type loudspeaker, you can opt to buy the JBL 4312e or the JBL 4429. Both are still part of the Synthesis line and can be expected to be of the same quality.

Who Is This Product for?

Who Is This For?

If you’re looking fo0r a budget-friendly loudspeaker, this is not for you. The JBL 4367 price serves as a barrier between quality sound performance and price. Buying the loudspeaker might be looked as an investment.

If budget is of no concern, then you might just have one of the best home theater system in the market. Whether you are looking for a great movie night within the confines of your home or hosting a party the JBL 4367 is just for you or can say best party speakers for you. A home theater is considered one of the great amenities a family must have. Adding this to your abode makes movies more enjoyable and listening to music a fun experience.

This is also for the studio producers given that the high fidelity that the JBL 4367 is able to provide is a necessity for the discriminating ear.

In terms of audio quality, it is impossible to find fault. The technologies involved, the Differential Drive and the D2430K Dual Compression, made sure that there will be no lapses in providing crisp, quality acoustics. The Differential Drive is a lighter drive compared to its rivals, but produces a stronger kick. This is due to better heat dissipation and low power compression.

The D2430K is a dual diaphragm device, with one diaphragm mounted behind the other using a phasing plug design. It is the first speaker incorporating two merged compressors creating a single but powerful drive. Despite having this two compressor system, it’s comparably lighter than other similar models, due to the materials involved in making the driver. This, in turn, produced a high-frequency output without sacrificing fidelity.

Who Is This Not for?

The JBL 4367 is astounding, provided that you have the budget. There are still alternatives like the JBL 305p, but remember that the price justifies the quality of the sound being produced. For an expensive loudspeaker, there can be almost no issue, to sound quality.

The 4367 lacks some ergonomic aspects. As a large and expensive floor standing loudspeaker, it’s relatively difficult to move and not equipped with lifting handles or wheels for safe and easy transportation.

The colors and finishes are very limited in our option, though we consider the vintage look is awesome and are no innovative aesthetics involved.


The JBL Grip 200 was released in 2015, yet the price has barely moved and for good reason. The patented technology involved, in addition to fine craftsmanship, justifies the price tag.

Ease of Use

The JBL 4367 is a plug and play system. Hook up the speaker to a power source, plug the cable into the input port and you are ready to go. Since it is a floor standing speaker, it is fairly easy to install. No assembly required. Just unpack it, place it in your desired location, hook the cables, and it’s ready to use..

It comes with a complete instruction manual or you can download a pdf file from the JBL website. It is important to place the speakers in the best position in an individual room to maximize the sound quality. This will have a great effect on the sound quality with their exact location depends on the room’s dimensions

The only issue with this speaker is its weight and the difficulty of moving it.

What’s Included

The JBL Grip 200 includes the following items in the box:

  • A Pair of JBL 4367 Speakers
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Warranty Card
JBL 4367 Loudspeaker Studio Monitor

Overview of Features

Established Company

JBL has existed for over seventy years. This company is one of the leaders when it comes to audio equipment. You can find a lot of audio equipment in their online store ranging from headphones, studio monitors and loudspeakers. Almost all their products come with complete warranties and they are open to accepting custom jobs.


The JBL 4367 is a floor standing loudspeaker. This means when setting up the loudspeaker it is just placed on the floor, table or any smooth surface and it’s ready to use.  Since this is a floor standing loudspeaker, this could be virtually considered as furniture and decoration.

Remember though, that to utilize the loudspeaker in its full potential, positioning is important. Usually, the loudspeaker is placed alongside the television to provide a cinematic feel. For professionals, the dimensions of the room and having the correct sized loudspeaker is important. The best size room versus speaker ratio and the proper location can be found on websites that offer services designed to help you find this.


The enclosure has a bass-reflex via dual front-firing ports. Speakers are either ported or sealed. The enclosure of the speaker, being ported or sealed, is important for the user experience. Enclosures will determine the bass of the speaker.

The difference between a sealed and a ported box is that the sealed enclosure has tighter bass, smaller box size and needs more power for a louder bass while ported boxes have a louder and booming bass, larger box size and do not require much power. JBL 4367 has a louder bass, meaning more punch and reverberating in each beat due to the fact that this is a ported enclosure.

JBL 4367 is a bass reflex type enclosure. A bass reflex helps in providing an improved bass response by reducing the distortion. The idea is that the sound waves are channeled in a cone, resulting in distortion reduction and increased volume output.


The dimensions of each speaker are 37.0625” x 22.0625” x 16.75” (941 mm x 560 mm x 425 mm).


It weighs 135 lbs or 61.2 kg. It is a large and quite heavy loudspeaker, but it is possible for the average person to move it


The inputs behind the speaker are dual gold plated five-way binding posts. It is ergonomically located in the rear for easy access. This makes it easy to attach the necessary cables such as the input and power as required.


It’s available in two colors, walnut or black wood grain veneer. Although it looks like a design form the 80’s the materials and craftsmanship involved is very much new technology. The faux wood color adds a great touch to remember the simpler times.

Sound Quality

We had the JBL 4367 tested on different music genres, some of our favorite songs and movies. The speakers were positioned as recommended to optimize the sound quality in a simple living room with no special acoustic walls involved. The songs are played in 320 kbps mp3 format the results were:

Dynamic Range

The 1812 Overture, with its varying beats per minute, full-blown orchestra and constant volume changes were a great test. The trumpets and french horn’s volume changes were evident. The stringed bass lingers in the background and reverberates calmly in our chest, making a great sound experience all around.


Max Roach Lonesome Lover. We had a treble check for this song and we all agree that JBL 4367 had hit the proper points. The saxophone part allowed us to test how well the JBL 4367 handled the unique sounds of this musical instrument. No distortion or noise was recognized during the test.

Bass Control

To test the bass, it is recommended to listen to Thundercat Uh Uh. The bass has been the issue when crafting the best loudspeaker which is often difficult. There must be a balance between intensity and tonality when producing bass.

Some loudspeakers give discomfort levels due to the intensity of the bass, however, JBL 4367, despite being a ported enclosure gave a low rumble and almost no apparent stress without affecting the tonality. The bass was easily heard and recognizable it despite the other instruments playing at the same time.


To know how to operate the JBL 4367, view the video below:

Alternatives - Neumann KH 80

Neumann's company is known for producing excellent build quality mics, and they have proved their excellence again by launching their new product - Neumann KH 80 Active DSP Powered Studio Monitor. This affordable studio monitor features no compromise with the sound quality and portrays impeccable build quality which you can expect from popular brands like Neumann. 

It works on Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology. Due to this, you can expect to hear the clear and high precision sound. The KH 80 Studio Monitor has the functionality to calibrate itself automatically according to the room. KH 80 comes in handy for recording, mixing the sound, post-production studios and music broadcasting. In this piece, every single element ranging from the drivers to the bi-amplification is picked by hand and adjusted by the engineers according to the standards set by Neumann. The DSP technology ensures linear frequency response (52Hz to 21kHz) and no tune goes unheard. 

KH 80 DSP without any hassle can be used in wide physical locations as it is developed for use as a near field monitor. Whenever you hear sound from this studio monitor, be ready to get amazed by its nuances, details, angle and purity of sound. Every sound wave is directed so precisely irrespective of where it's placed. This piece is created using the high-quality components and incorporates high standards that you expect from such an expensive product. 

If you are looking for a studio monitor that complies with professional standards, then go for Neumann KH 80 Active DSP Powered Studio Monitor without a second thought.

What We Liked

  • DSP Technology
  • Flat frequency response
  • Excellent bass performance
  • Superb build quality
  • Remote control capability
  • Easy to use room correction functionality
  • Clear and consistent sound

What We Didn’t Like

  • Customers still await the Neumann control app


With the really high price tag attached to the JBL 4367, it really was an out of this world experience. JBL really did a great job in producing this product. As seen in the aesthetics, it was well thought out despite its minimalist features.

The actual game changers were the technology incorporated. The D2430K Dual Compression and the Differential Drive really did separate the JBL 4367 from its competitors.

Each of the testers has a criterion whether or not a speaker is really good. From midrange quality, bass control, dynamic range, rhythm, beats we all agreed that the JBL 4367 exceeded our expectations. That’s how good it is. The only drawback is that it never considered ergonomics in their design.

The JBL 4367 is designed for a great home theater and it did not disappoint. If you want to have Queen perform in your own room or be immersed in Tron's The Grid, we strongly recommend getting this loudspeaker. We consider the JBL 4367 as the gold standard when it comes to the loudspeaker line. The ultra-high fidelity combined with a good bass control ensured that the frequencies are harmonizing despite the variable wavelength.

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