JBL C150SI Review

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JBL products have been gaining a lot of praises and reviews from their buyers lately. And with the new C150SI? Everyone is buzzing about why these earphones is a must buy! The earplugs provide all-day comfort for those who like to use earphones for a long period of time.

There is a built-in microphone which makes it handy for the user as it comes with a universal remote that helps you manage calls properly in any Android and IOS devices.

Interesting, right? Read the full article for a closer look at this product.

JBL C150SI In-ear Earphones

Sound Quality





It has great sound quality and has a noise cancellation feature

Overall, the quality is good, but the product is not meant to last long-term, especially when frequently used.

Earphones has a feather-like weight and can provide long-time comfort for users.

The casing is good. It has a built-in microphone and earphones come with 3 sets of ear tips for variation.

What We Liked 

  • Overall sound quality is good.
  • Noise cancellation feature is very helpful.
  • The built-in microphone is excellent.
  • Bass sound is authentic.
  • Accessories included in the package are nice.

What We Didn’t Like 

  • Not meant to last for many years.
  • Ear plugs can sometimes be loose.
  • The positioning of the microphone is not appropriate for the hands-free mode.

Part 1: About the Product

JBL recently released one of their newest products and that is the JBL CS150SI In-Ear Earphones. This can be ordered from different online retailers, which, by the way, are selling out like crazy! You can find this particular product from online sites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

This new JBL product is described as dynamic because of the quality and control of the sound it provides. The earphones itself too is very light that sometimes, you will forget that you’re wearing it! It is meant for the comfort of the users especially the ones who love using earphones longer than usual.

The built-in microphone of this product works for any Android and IOS devices and has a 9-mm driver that delivers the excellent bass tone and sound quality, just what you can expect from JBL. The value for money of these earphones too is very good. It is affordable, so it’s definitely worth it!

Part 2: Who Are The Perfect Users Of This Product?

Who really is this product for?

The good news is, the JBL CS150SI in-ear earphones is for everyone! From students to parents, to joggers, to bikers, to music enthusiasts, and etc., anyone can use these newly released earphones! And as long as your device is being powered by Android and IOS devices, you can use the universal remote control with microphone that it offers, and then you are good to go!

The versatility of this product is one of the reasons why it should be included in your best options. The durability of JBL CS150SI may not last for several years, but for the number of months that you can use and enjoy it, for sure, the money that you will spend in buying this will not go to waste.

Apart from mobile phones and smartphones, you can also use the JBL CS150SI for laptop and computers. It’s perfect for those who want to work at peace, with just their earphones plugged, because no one can bother them. Well, thanks to the noise cancellation feature that it has.

The drivers also help you experience the maximum sound that you can get. So be it phones or laptops, you won’t be able to tell the difference with the kind of sound that it provides.

The sound quality of this product is very excellent. With those drivers, there’s no doubt that this is one of JBL’s best yet. Of course, there are still lots of competition in the market, but this I can tell you, the bass sound of JBL CS150SI will surely give new a new taste of what it should sound like.


The price range of JBL CS150SI today is roughly under $25, depending on which country it is being sold. It is more expensive than the other models of JBL earphones because it is still quite new to the market, and many people are buying and loving it. In fact, some stores are sold out of this particular product.

Sound and Performance

The superior sound of JBL CS150SI will absolutely give you high definition quality that ensures good reproduction of music. It can give you a better experience when it comes to listening to music, and that is because if its earplugs. The plugs cover the ear canals pretty well and with a perfect fit. This is one of the factors that eliminate unnecessary sounds in your area and environment.

The overall sound and performance of the JBL CS150, with its treble and bass, together is nothing but brilliant. This can give the users a maximum level of experience every time they are using the earphones.

Part 3: Package Inclusions

The JBL CS150SI package box has the following inclusions:

  • 1 pair of earphones
  • 3 sets of earplugs (comes in various sizes: Small, Medium and Large)
  • Safety and Warranty Card

Part 4: Best Features

Signature Sound of JBL

The signature sound of JBL is its bass sound, which you can really feel. This is like a bonus to the high quality of sound that it provides.

Light and Comfortable

Light because of its feather-like weight and comfortable because of the comfort the earplugs can give even when using for longer periods of time. Aside from that, it comes with a variety of tip sizes for you to choose from for a better and more soothing experience.

Universal Remote with Microphone

This one-button remote control feature is very helpful as it effortlessly helps you manage your calls with just one press of the button. The good news is that it works perfectly in any Android and IOS devices.

Noise Cancellation

One of the best things about the new JBL CS150SI is its noise cancellation feature, and I’m sure no one can disagree about that. This feature helps minimize interruptions in your surroundings, especially when you need to concentrate on doing something, or just want some peace and quiet to enjoy the good music that you’re listening to.

Other Features

The JBL CS150SI has a cord length of 1.2 meters which is enough to move freely in motion while wearing the earphones. Its universal jack of 3.5-mm is also a good feature because it can be connected to any devices easily, and also has a frequency range of 20-22 kHz.

Part 5: Unboxing and Review

For more knowledge of the new JBL CS150SI, click the link below:

Part 6: Alternative- Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear Headphones

These affordable and sleek earphones sound exciting and come with strong bass. The inline remote with mic integrated allows you to attend phone calls. This headphone is available in both iOS and Android versions. Momentum In-Ear is solely made for using it along with today's smartphones. 

In-ear earphones deliver sound directly to ears, and Momentum In-Ear doesn't cost a fortune. If you want to pick a pair for a price tag less than $99, pick Momentum In-Ear, launched by Sennheiser in 2018. It's been years since its launch, but these earphones are still going strong. 

If you are a bass thrill lover, then you will never regret ever after buying this pair.


The earphones sport elegant design, glossy texture, and are available in two colors, namely black chrome and black red. The drivers are encased in black red (depending on the color chosen) plastic shape. 

It comes with flat cables which prevent them from twisting and loosening. The advantage of having flat cables is that it prevents the wires of your earphones from being twisted and tangled all the time. Hence, it's most likely to stay the way that it is for a longer time.

Excellent Sound

For budget-friendly earphones, Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear provides a stellar sound, which will surely impress you. The bass sound of these earphones also stands out, which makes the music more appealing to hear. The sound quality is excellent, in-depth, and as the original version. The bass response is tremendous and offers the best dynamic range, which makes the sound more active. 

The bass control by Sennheiser is managed very well. A single dynamic driver is used for each ear side. No extra bass, unlike the other earphones in the same range. Moreover, the sound also doesn't bleed out of the earphones. The treble is also strong but not harsh at all, as few customers reported. We ensure you will enjoy the sound delivery put forth by this pair of earphones. Unlike other pieces, when using Momentum In-Ear, you will not face pain in ears as they are lightweight and ergonomic. 

If we want to define in one word, the overall performance of these earphones, then it is RICH.

Budget Friendly 

These earphones, launched in 2018, are a hit in the market because of its affordable price. You don't have to spend too much to get high-quality standard earphones, and we are sure buyers are looking forward to it.

Noise Cancellation

Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear Earphones also has this useful feature as it minimizes environmental sounds that hinder you from listening to your earphones more clearly.

Final Verdict

Though the earphone is available for both the iPhone and Android versions, it still doesn't harm the product's overall quality. 

If you have got a budget of $100, then this is the right pair of in-ear headphones you need. The excellent design, flat cables, inline controls, noise cancellation, and best sound quality of Momentum In-Ear will push you to enter the Sennheiser club.

What We Liked 

  • Affordable
  • Stellar sound
  • Flat cables
  • Great sound detail
  • Inline remote
  • Two-year warranty
  • Available in iPhone and Android versions

What We Didn’t Like 

  • Plastic build
  • Not compatible with every smartphone
  • Mids lack detailing

Part 7: Conclusion

The JBL CS150SI is a really good choice for in-ear earphones. These earphones aren’t as high-end as any other brands but are definitely durable, comfortable and most of all, worth the money.

The packaging of this product is very nice, as well as the earphones’ physical features. There is also variation when it comes to color as people tend to have different likes, and so they will have different choices The weight is very light. This is designed for comfort and for long-term use, which I think is very important so that it will do less of ear and hearing damage for the users.

Apart from physical features, the one thing that matters most is the quality of the product and the JBL CS150SI has the quality that every user is looking for in an in-ear earphones. What’s even more convenient is that anyone can use it for any purpose and not just for specific reasons.

The bass sound is JBL’s signature sound, and so it is also incorporated in making this product. You can feel the music thumping in your ears perfectly together with the nice control and sound quality that the earphones provide.

The features of these earphones are one of JBL’s best for sure. Year after year, they do their best to evolve and develop better products to provide to their customers. And every year, they always deliver what’s expected of them.

The truth is, there are many brands of in-ear to choose from, and it is really hard to pick the one that’s best for you. I hope you really enjoyed this article and it gave you the right pointers to look for in finding good earphones. And most of all, helped you to know why the new JBL CS150SI is an amazing choice of brand for in-ear earphones in the market today.

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