JBL E25BT Wireless Earbuds Review

JBL has become a brand synonymous with the conveyance of quality sound at an affordable price. But with so many sound-delivery systems available on the market, it can make for some difficulty when choosing the unit that is right for you. In this article, we will be reviewing the JBL E23BT wireless in-ear headphones to help make that choice a little easier and decide if these are the right headphones for you.

What is JBL E25BT?

Manufactured by Harman, the E25BT is an affordable model of wireless in-ear headphones that promise the signature JBL sound. They have a design that is compact and portable, thereby giving them a sporty appearance. In-ear buds promise comfort and breathability. 

The three-button remote control is attached to a wire that wraps around your neck, which can be secured with a detachable neck clip. The unit is offered in a variety of colors, namely black, blue, red, green, and white.

JBL E25BT Wireless Earbuds Review

What are the features of the JBL E25BT?

Sound quality 

Battery life 

Ease of connectivity


We found the sound to be a little on the bass-y side but, overall the sound delivery was clear and had a good volume. One major flaw that was discovered was a lag in the sound when coupled with video.

Offering up to eight hours of battery life, the E25BT holds up very well against other competing brands.

Initial connection of the headset to a device was quick and easy. However, re-connection sometimes posed a problem that involved having to forget the device and then rediscover it.

Although three different sizes of ear-buds are provided with the unit, not one of them felt a hundred percent comfortable. The position of the controller on the neck wire, coupled with the fact that it is separate from the battery, pulled one of the buds out of our ears during exercise.

  • Light and portable at a weight of only 16.5 grams.
  • The headphone cable length is 55.5 centimeters.
  • Ear tips are made of silicon.
  • Uses Bluetooth version 4.1.
  • Compatible with both iPhone and Android smartphones.
  • Has the ability to not only connect with but interchange between two devices, making it easy to go from listening to music to answering a call on your phone.
  • Has a three-button universal remote control with a microphone that allows for on-demand music control as well as hands-free calls.
  • In the box you will find a charging cable, warranty card, carrying pouch, and three pairs of differently sized ear tips.

What we liked

  • This sporty, sleek design is available in a choice of colors.
  • Easy to set up Bluetooth connection.
  • Very good battery life.
  • Good sound quality.
  • Affordable price.

What we didn’t like

  • The wire connecting the two earphones is covered with a fabric material which, when it rubs against your clothing, transmits a scratching sound in your ear.
  • The neck clip is flimsy and does not appear to have a long-lasting quality.
  • When the battery is dying the headset emits a loud beep that does not stop until the headset is plugged in to recharge. This could prove to be extremely annoying if you are out and unable to get to a charger in the immediate future.
JBL E25BT Wireless Earbuds

What to expect from JBL E25BT?

As previously mentioned, when you open the box you can expect to find one set of JBL E25BT wireless headphones, one charging cable, a warranty card that is valid for twelve months, a carrying pouch, and three sets of ear tips of varying sizes.

The unit boasts a variety of colors as well as having a sleek and trendy design. The control buttons are located on the wire that connects the headphones, sitting just below the right earphone. Further down from this, which could have the potential to be clumsy and inconvenient, is the 120mAH battery. However, this prospect is solved by the inclusion of a detachable clip, that can easily be attached to the collar of a shirt to hold the unit in place.

Because the buds are in-ear, this effectively prevents sound leakage while at the same time minimizing the occurrence of overly-sweaty ears. That being said, sweat is not a problem for the JBL E25BT as this particular model is sweat resistant.

The functionality of the JBL E25BT is extremely easy to use, with the controls consisting of an easy-to-use three button setup. The control buttons include volume control to raise or lower volume and a multi-purpose button that is designed to track-skip and manage calls. Button response of the controller is good.

At first try, the Bluetooth connection was very straightforward to set up, and the JBL E25BT is operational with both Apple and Android devices. The wireless range functions to a distance of thirty-three feet, which we found to be more than acceptable when wearing a set of headphones.

The battery of the JBL E25BT takes about two hours to charge fully, and the battery should last for up to eight hours. This is a more than decent amount of battery life and stands the JBL E25BT in good stead amongst its competitors. When connected to an Apple device running on iOS Version 5 and above, the battery level of the unit can be seen on the mobile’s display.

The most important aspect of a set of headphones is, of course, the sound quality. The JBL E25BT acceptably delivers on sound clarity as well as giving generously in the volume department. But as previously mentioned, there is a tendency for it to lean toward the bass-ier side of sound.


Who is JBL E25BT Wireless Earbuds for?

If you are a more discerning listener with a bat-like ear for sound, this is not the set of headphones for you! However, this isn’t a problem for the majority of the population. It is extremely suitable for your daily work commute and for use in the office. It is not recommended for gaming or watching movies. Additionally, due to its sweat-resistant feature, this model is aimed towards people wanting to listen to music while they do sport.

However, it must be said that the separate control and battery unit situated on the wire is not an ideal setup for runners. This is because during the course of a run if the clip happens to come undone, you will have the control unit banging up and down beside your ear. This has the potential to be most irritating.

How to install the JBL E25BT.

Watch this easy to follow video on Youtube that shows how to connect the JBL E25BT to your chosen device:

What is the alternative to the JBL E25BT?

Skullcandy JiB headset offers similar functionality and features. In terms of price and quality, it rolls on the same level as the JBL E25BT. Visually, it is also on a par with the JBL E25BT. The main difference between these two units is that the Skullcandy JiB is not able to connect with two devices simultaneously.

JBL E25BT Earbuds


In conclusion, the JBL E25BT is a slightly above average listening device that offers a multitude of attractive features. Although testing reveals its fair share of cons, these are all very specific to certain use requirements and will not bother most people. In saying this, it must be stressed that you get what you pay for and in terms of bang for your buck, the JBL E25BT more than delivers on ticking boxes when it comes to daily requirements.

The range of colors offers a means of individuality, while the design element will keep up your appearance of style. Sound quality is on par with expectations of a headset with its specifications and is comparable to headsets that are being sold in a higher price bracket.

The dual-connectivity feature is definitely one of the more unique elements of this particular unit and will be very attractive to the more tech-oriented crowd. Portable and easy to use, the JBL E25BT is recommended for most people.

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