JBL E50BT Review

JBL E50BT is currently unavailable, and we don't know when it will be back in stock. But cheer up, here is the alternative picked by the editor for you - SONY WH-1000XM3, The excellent, long-lasting, and noise-canceling over-ear headphones. It is the best bet.

Review of: JBL E50BT

Category: Headphone



Ease of Use

Value for Money

The JBL Synchros E50BT is an over-ear headphone that came out with amazing features and an ergonomic headband with ear cushions that can be improved perhaps by giving users size options so it can comfortably fit over their ears.

The sound quality is definitely competitive though maxing out the volume causes the audio to become a little distorted and sound containment may not be possible if the ear cushions do not fit well over your ears.

JBL made a terrific job with control placements that are well laid on the left ear cup, the 18-hour battery life and 24-hour talk time, Bluetooth-ready connection, and additional features like ShareMe technology.

The price is reasonable for brand and music enthusiasts because the JBL Synchros E50BT delivers a premium design with a good build and sound quality.

What we like

  • Premium and stylish design
  • Sturdy frame and ear cups
  • Good button placements for controls
  • 18-hour playtime and 24-hour talk time
  • Great wireless range

What we don’t like

  • It’s bulky, not space-saving
  • Oddly sized ear cups
  • Not a sports headphones
  • Poor noise isolation
  • Sound leakage

JBL has been committed to producing quality products and services since they started back in the 1900s. The JBL Synchros E50BT is a wireless over-ear headphone that delivers modish design and durability at the same time. It promises an 18-hour playtime which gives you enough delight for long flights and road trips. The great wireless range also brings pleasure to users because even if your phones are charged inside the house, you can stay in your garden to breathe fresh air and listen to your favorite music. And with its sturdy build, the users are assured that this can last them a long time.

With all its highpoints, minor low points can still be noticed. One, it is bulky and not space-saving. This may not be recommended as a sports headphone as it really gets in the way because of its size and you may not be so comfortable using it during your workout routines. Plus, the oddly sized ear cups may bother you because of its fit and poor noise isolation.


The JBL Synchros E50BT is a wireless over-ear headphone that belongs to the Synchros E series. The other versions, like E40BT and E30BT, which are included in the series are wired on-ear headphones, unlike the E50BT. Amongst all of them, the E50BT is the largest and latest addition to the bunch.

This version comes in 4 different colors with the same sturdy build. If you go unflashy, you can choose white or black, but if you want something bright, you can have the blue or red. This is moderately stable when placed on the head during casual listening sessions. But this is not highly recommended during your days at the gym because this is not a sports headphone. It may not fall off easily but it’s too bulky and slightly heavy (weighs 3 kilograms) to be running around with it.

The E50BT has set the new standard by offering a wireless connection to the users and more features like the built-in ShareMe technology that allows 2 users to listen to one music or movie simultaneously. For example, your friend wants to watch the movie with you, you can easily sync both your headphones, given that her headphone also has ShareMe feature, so you can listen to the audio at the same time. And you can go on for a long time because the headphones can last up to 18 hours of playtime. If the battery runs out, you can plug in the aux cable which allows you to listen to music passively.

This version was released last 2015 and since then, people have been purchasing this edition for personal use and subject for review. Despite minor issues, people still buy and continue to patronize JBL’s headphones because they do not fail to deliver design and quality. Aside from that, the built-in microphone gives away a seamless call experience for the users and talk time can last up to 24 hours.

Who is this product for?

The JBL Synchros E50BT is made for people who love brand and style, music and sound quality, user-friendly headphones with exclusive features.

People who love JBL products will always be after its latest release expecting new features and better headphone quality and experience. So far, JBL has never backed down on coming up with good headphone designs and features. There is always something new to expect in every release they make. May it be the design, an added feature, higher sound quality, or the battery life. It always excites users to try and own one.

Superb quality headphones are irresistible for music lovers. And that is what JBL is bringing to the world. The E50BT delivers a good sound quality that makes people want to have one. If the ear cushions fit perfectly for you, the noise isolation will be just fine. The soft leatherette of the cushions will provide comfort so you can use it for long periods of time. But if the ear cushions are small for you, you may find the headphones uncomfortable and bothersome to use for a long period of time.

Moreover, this may also not be enticing for people who are after lightweight headphones for convenience. First, the E50BT weighs more or less 3 kilograms and is not space-saving. It can be folded into a compact format but this does not save much space still.

On the other hand, tech savvies and gamers may give a satisfactory rating for this headphone. With its wireless connection, they can work and play without wires getting in the way. They can also explore new features that this version can offer like the ShareMe technology. And, they can enjoy uninterrupted audio for up to 18 hours.

As good as the features and quality may sound, the price may not be reasonable for everyone. Practical parents may not purchase this or even give one to their children because they may find it too expensive for a headphone.

What’s included in the box?

Like other JBL headphones, this comes in a decent box with the JBL E50BT picture in front and other helpful information can be found at the sides and back of the box.

After opening the box, you will immediately see the star of the show—the JBL Synchros E50BT headphone. It is packed in plastic and securely attached to the box. On the flip cover, you will see a small box fixed on the wall cover with all the inclusions.

It has 1 straight aux cable, 1 USB aux cable for charging, 1 safety sheet, and 1 quick-start guide. It is disappointing to know, though, that a pouch is not included in the package. Anyhow, you have all you need to get you started with your new headphone so start to explore!

Overview of features

The JBL Synchros E50BT is a wireless, over-ear Bluetooth-enabled headphone for seamless call and music play experience that was added to the Synchros E series last 2014. This also has built-in ShareMe technology that allows two users to listen to the same content simultaneously. They just need to sync in their headphones, given that both have ShareMe technology, and they will be able to listen to the same audio at the same time.

The 18-hour playtime is also a promising feature that this headset can offer. And when the battery runs out, you can use the aux cable for passive listening. It is also interesting to know that the talk-time can last up to 24 hours. The ear-cup based microphone allows hands-free calling so you can talk to your family or friends comfortably given that the ear cups fit perfectly over your ears. If not, you may not be able to last long in wearing and using this headphone.

If the ear cups do not fit well, poor noise isolation may be experienced. Noise isolation is only effective when the ergonomic headband and ear cushions are just your size that it will fit over your ear and head.

How to use the product

 The JBL E50BT is a user-friendly headphone. To turn it on, you just need to press the Bluetooth button located on the left ear cup. And you just need to press the same button to pair with your Bluetooth-ready device. You will hear a notification that you have successfully connected with the device.

On the same ear cup, you can adjust the volume by pressing the volume up and down buttons. The button with a round pattern allows you to play and pause your music. If you press the same button twice, it will take you to the next track. And if you want to play the previous track, press the button thrice. The same button is also used to answer calls. Just press it once to answer an incoming call. But if you want to reject the call, long press the same button.

The button with a forward arrow is for the ShareMe feature. It enables the user to share audio with another set of JBL headphone that also has ShareMe. To use ShareMe:

  1. Press ShareMe button once on the first headphone then the LED light will blink which means it is ready to connect to the second headphone.
  2. Press ShareMe button twice on the second headphone then the LED light will also blink which means it is ready to connect to the first headphone. The light will only stop blinking after the two headphones are successfully connected. Then you can share one content to listen to.
  3. Either of the two headphones can disconnect by pressing the ShareMe button once.

Just a note, the buttons of this headphone are not tactile except for the Bluetooth button. But you don’t need to worry too much because they have narrowed it down to 4 buttons and you will get familiar with the buttons placements in no time.

Alternatives - Sony WH-1000XM3

Sony WH-1000XM3 was launched in 2018 and is still the highest-rated noise cancelling over-ear headphones. Priced at a tag of less than $350, XM3 is better than its previous generations. It is light, comfortable, has a thick headband, and comes with touch-sensitive controls. From sound quality to long battery life, everything is improved. Another most significant change this headphone reflects in comparison to its predecessors is the shift from Micro USB B to USB C charging; this means charging for merely 10 mins let you enjoy 5 hours of  music. 

The touch controls present on the outer side of ear cups are very smooth. Due to little tweaks in design, the Sony WH-1000XM3 looks minimalist and appeals to the audiophiles. You will find two buttons for power/Bluetooth and another switch noise cancellation settings on the left earcup side. If you are familiar with earlier versions of the XM series, you probably know the playback options. If not, then it's on the right earcup, double-tap to pause, similarly to resume, swipe up to increase volume and swipe down to decrease it. Isn't it pretty simple?. Imagine how cool you will look in the public while playing with the features of the headphone. 

Coming to the noise cancellation feature, it does an epic job. We tested 1000XM3 at different places with different low and high-frequency sounds; headphones performed admirably well. Additionally, suppose you don't want complete noise cancellation. In that case, there is Ambient Noise Mode, turn it on if you want to hear some announcements while being at the airport, etc. 1000 XM3 has the features frequent travelers expect to have in their headphones. If you want headphones suited for long travels and everyday commutes, then go for XM3.

Review of: Sony WH-1000XM3

Category: Over Ear Headphone



Ease of Use

Value for Money

 The Sony WH-1000XM3 over-ear headphone comes packed with features like Quick attention mode, noise-canceling, voice assistant, and quick charge battery to listen to music, nothing else.

This light and comfortable headphone from Sony comes with soft cushioning inside that lets you hear even the sensational details of sound and bass is also rich, not thumpy. It's ten on 10 in terms of sound quality.

The soft, ergonomic, and deep ear pads don't put pressure on ears. With 30 hours of battery life, it goes on for hours. The case holds the USB C cable spot and the headphone cable to turn it to wired mode.

If you are looking for affordable over-ear headphones, then Sony WH-1000XM3 is hard to beat in terms of design, performance, and features.

What we like

  • Natural and excellent sound delivery
  • Ease of handling phone calls
  • Best noise-canceling feature
  • Comfortable and ergonomic
  • Long battery life
  • Excellent touch controls

What we don’t like

  • Ears may get warm after prolonged use
  • Can be paired with one device only
  • Sound leakage


In conclusion, the JBL Synchros E50BT is fair enough for its price. It’s a wireless over-ear Bluetooth-enabled headphone that excels in design, features, and sound quality. The playtime can last up to 18 hours which gamers and music lovers will surely enjoy. Plus, the talk time is up to 24 hours.

Durability-wise this headphone is a good catch because the materials used are of good quality and can last you a long time. The futuristic design never fails to impress people of this generation. And since people are after convenience, the controls are just placed on the ear cups and are narrowed down to 4 buttons.

Despite a few low points, this headphone remains recommendable because of its strong features. For one, it has ShareMe technology which other headphones do not have. This additional feature allows two users to listen to one content at the same time.

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