JBL T205BT Review

T205BT Wireless In-Ear Headphones by JBL



Sound Quality

Customer Service

Headphones are moderately comfortable.

Very stylish design and lightweight for long use.

Mids/treble better than bass.

Sometimes difficult to deal with issues like refunds/replacements

What we Liked

  • Sound quality of treble and mids are good
  • Strong and tangle-free cables
  • Durable with hard rubber material
  • Overall quality (e.g. sound, comfort, etc.) is good for the price point

What we Didn’t Like

  • Bass isn’t very deep
  • Headphones might not last long
  • Replacement warranty not good
  • External noise isolation isn’t very good


The JBL T205 are wireless in-ear headphones with a microphone and 3-button remote. It can stream JBL Pure Bass sound and offers hands-free control. The earbuds are soft and ergonomic for long-lasting use. They also include a 6-hour battery life so can be used for several hours before being juiced up. It also includes a flat tangle-free cable that’ durable and won’t end up in a bird’s nest.

Part 1: What Is This Product?

These headphones were launched in 2018, so it’s a relatively new offering from the company.

The JBL T205BL is a pair of wireless headphones from JBL. The US company was founded 70+ years ago in 1946 and is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. These Bluetooth headphones are in the under-$50 price range and provide basic earphones with wireless functionality.

These in-ear headphones are in the JBL T-series that also includes the T10BT. JBL also offers various wireless/Bluetooth earbuds that includes E series units like the E25BT. So, you have several options within JBL’s headphone product lines.

Part 2: Who Is This Product for?

Who Is This For?

JBL’s T205BT is a good option for music lovers looking for good quality headphones. The cordless design allows cord-cutting so you won’t have to deal with tangled wires. This can cause a lot of problems when doing certain activities like jogging, weightlifting, etc.

The T205BT also includes some other features that add value to the headphones. They include 3-button remote and microphone. This allows you to take/make calls easily, which adds more functionality to the units.

The unit’s controls provide one-touch toggling between music and phone. So, the T205BT is a good option for active people who want to do work and play without needing to deal with cords, lots of buttons, etc.

The 6-hour battery life isn’t the highest in the market. However, it’s enough for many sports/recreational activities, so you won’t have to juice up the unit.

This is also a good option for consumers looking for decent-quality sound. In fact, the mids and treble in particular are very good for the price range. However, the bass is sub-par, which could be an issue if you’re looking for thumping bass.

Who Is This Not for?

The JBL T205 headphones aren’t a good option if you’re looking for a high-performance pair of headphones. If you’re an audiophile then you should definitely shop around since you probably won’t be pleased with any headphones in the under-$50 price range.

For example, consider the unit’s sound quality. The in-ear headphones produce good mids/treble, but that’s also relative to the price range. The bass has received the most criticism so if that’s a top priority you should consider other units.

Another potential issue is the unit’s ergonomics. While the wireless functionality boosts the unit’s marks in this area the comfort level of the earbuds isn’t high-end like other factors due to the price point.

Another potential downside of the JBL T205BT is the 6-hr. battery life. You can find other Bluetooth headphones that run a full 24 hrs. or so on a single charge. So, if you’re planning to do all-day activities you should consider other units.


The in-ear headphones aren’t as cheap as under-$10 units so you could save money by picking cheaper units. However, in terms of the overall quality, you get decent value for the under-$50 price. They’re also cheaper than KSE1500 Electrostatic by Shure with a $3,000 price tag.

Ease of Use

The IBL T205 is quite easy to use due greatly to the wireless operation. This prevents the chance of getting tangled up cords, which is one of the main problems when using wired headphones.

Another benefit is the earbuds are less bulky/heavy than over-ear headphones. When you’re doing activities like weightlifting you don’t want to feel encumbered when wearing headphones. So, in-ear units are generally better options.

Then there are features like the 3-button controls and microphone. These also add convenience since you can make hands-free phone calls and easily switch from music to phone, then get back to the music when you’re done with your call.

Part 3: What’s Included

The JBL T205BT includes the following items in the box:

  • TUNE205BT headphones
  • Charging cable
  • Warning/Warranty cards
  • Safety sheet
  • QSG

Part 4: Overview of Features

Bluetooth Compatible

You can use these headphones with Bluetooth-enabled devices like smartphones, tablets, and media players. The digital world continues to shift to wireless so if you already have Bluetooth devices this unit is a good option.

One of the main drawbacks of corded headphones is the wires themselves. They can become a logistical and even safety issue. This is especially true if you’re using the earphones while doing exercises or chores, for example.

Established Company

JBL has 70+ years o industry experience, which is indicated in the quality of its products. This makes it a better option than generic/off brands that offer low-quality products and support.

Comfortable Earbuds

The earbuds are soft and ergonomically shaped. This provides comfort for long-term music-listening. This is one of the fortes of the in-ear headphones. It’s certainly important when you want to use earphones for several hours. Like all-day activites.

Tangle-free Cable

The cable is flat and tangle-free. This helps to prevent it from getting tangled up, which can cause a world of trouble when operating the phone.

Hands-free Controls

You can use the 3-button remote for easy controls when making or taking calls. For example, if you’re listening to music pressing a button allows you to take a call. Then when you’re done just press a button again to return to your favorite jams/playlist.

Built-in Mic

This allows you to talk to people when you receive or make calls. It provides more versatility than other units that don’t include a microphone. So, if you want to use the headphones for communicating with friends, family, or customers this is a good option.

JBL T205BT Wireless in-Ear Headphones

Powerful Sound

The JBL earphones include powerful and clear sound and especially in terms of mid/treble sounds. However, the bass from the 12.5mm drivers isn’t great even though it features the company’s in-house “Pure Bass” tech.

You should consider the sound quality you’re looking for in headphones. If you want good overall sound for less than $50, then the T205 is a good option. However, if you want top-notch sound quality then you should be willing to shell out more money.

Battery Life

The 6-hr. battery life isn’t outstanding vs. over-ear Bluetooth headphones but is good enough for basic activities like workouts and morning/afternoon household chores. So, it’s wise to consider what applications you’ll be using the headphones for. This can help determine whether or not a 6-hr. battery life is enough.

Color Options

The T205BT is available in 5 different colors: Blue, Gold, Green, Rose Gold, and Silver. This offers more options so you can pick your favorite color or one that matches your mobile device/media player.

Part 5: Tutorial

Part 6: Alternatives

CX 6.00BT Wireless Earphones by Sennheiser

The Sennheiser unit is pricier in the under-$100 price range. However, this is due to some key features that aren’t offered by the JBL unit:

Fast USB Charging

These headphones offer a 1.5-hr. quick charge. This is a major plus when you need to use the earbuds in a hurry since you can fully charge them in less than 2 hours. You can even get 2 hrs. change in only 10 minutes.

Sound Quality

Sennheiser has become world-famous for the sound quality of its headphones/earphones. This is a plus over the T205BT since you can get generally better sound quality and particularly the bass.

Bluetooth 4.2/Qualcomm apt-X

This offers better performance since the Qualcomm Low Latency circuity improves video viewing and gaming. This is done by keeping audio in sync with visuals.

Ear Adapters

These headphones are even comfier and ergonomic than the JBL unit. That’s because it’s bundled with silicone ear adapters in 4 sizes. This helps to reduce ambient noise and provides a better listening experience.

JBL T205BT Wireless in-Ear Headphones

Bluetooth Headphones by ACIL

Here’s another alternative to the T205BT in the under-$100 price range with the following features:

Custom Eartips

The ACIL headphones include 4 sizes of eartips. This helps to customize the earbuds so you can get the right fit based on your ear size.

24-month Warranty

This provides 2 years of protection for your Bluetooth headphones. The company’s customer support will help to answer any questions or concerns you have.

Long-lasting Battery

You can get up to 12 hours of music/calls, which is about twice the maximum battery life of the JBL headphones. There’s also 240 hours of standby time. So even if you’re not using the headphones, they can remain in standby mode for 10 full days. This is due to the upgraded lithium polymer battery. It also has a 1.5-hr. quick charge.

Magnetic Clasp

The wireless earbuds include magnets so they can conveniently hang around your neck and stay in place instead of falling off. This is a big plus vs. the T205BT and boosts the unit’s comfort/ergonomics.


The IPX7 water-resistance offers protection from rains and splashes. So, if you’re looking for more durability then the T205BT, this is a good option. It’s always a plus when you know a rain shower or pool splash won’t automatically damage your headphones.

Frequency Balance

The 10.8mm Dynamic Drivers offer booming bass. This includes clear highs and full lows. If you’re looking for better balance than the JBL headphones, then this is a good alternative.

SoundSport Wireless Headphones by Bose

These Bose wireless headphones are in the under-$150 range and include the following features:


This provides better functionality during inclement weather and during workouts.

Active Equalizer

The Bose active Equalizer keeps the audio balanced at all volumes. This is a plus vs. the T205BT with average sound quality.

Stay Hear+tips

This helps to keep your Bose headphones in your ear canal when using them. It’s especially important for activities like workouts.

Bose Connect app

This provides better control/switching when operating the in-ear headphones.

Voice Prompts

You can connect easily to Bluetooth and near field communication (NFC) using voice prompts. This provides more convenience when connecting wirelessly to your devices.

Part 7: Conclusion

The big question of this JBL T205 review is: should you purchase these in-ear headphones? Bluetooth tech continues to become more popular with new devices continuously hitting the market. It can be tough to sort through them. So, what’s the final verdict for the T205BT?

If you’re looking for a high-end unit in terms of durability, sound, features, etc. then you should shop around. Don’t expect the creme de la creme in the under-$50 price range.

That said, you can still get above-average value from the T205BT. That’s in terms of factors like quality, comfort, sound, ease of use, applications, and battery. If you want a mid-quality unit with the same price range, then the is a wise choice.

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