JBL T450 Headphones Review

In this article, you will be able to get to know more about JBL T450 headphones. If you're planning to buy one of them, then you have come to the right place for the review. Before you go any further, take note that these headphones are not for listeners who do not appreciate powerful bass. If you're looking for a wireless pair of headphones, this review may not be for you either.

If that's the case, you should still check out the section in this article where alternatives to these headphones are briefly explained. You might find something there that will spike your interest if JBL T450 hasn't done that yet. However, it is still recommended that you continue reading the review as JBL T450 headphones offer various useful features.

These earphones are good buys. They are affordable. The quality is good and you can be sure of its durability. They are also very convenient to take anywhere since they are adjustable and can fit in small spaces without being damaged. The wire is made to be tangle-free, which is a nice add on.

The ear cups are cushioned making it comfortable for the listeners even when they listen for long hours. However, they might feel a slight discomfort around where the headband is as the headband itself isn’t cushioned. They have a remote which can be used for switching songs and managing calls, but they don’t have controls for the volume.

The way they are built is user-friendly, but they are not the most stylish. A lot of headphones with this look can be seen quite often in the market. The same goes for their features. Yes, the features are useful, but there isn't something that would make it really stand out from the rest. As for the sound quality, it is very safe to say that it’s clear. The bass is rich enough, and the volume itself is loud


Ease of Use

Quality of Build

Customer Service

Value for Money

The features are good, but there’s nothing that hasn’t been seen before.

They get four stars as they are not perfect, but they are quite comfortable and easy to use. The functions are also quite accessible.

The headphones are durable. The headband is made of mostly plastic, which may make it uncomfortable to use, but sturdy.

Most people who purchased these headphones are very satisfied.

Taking everything into consideration, the headphones are reasonably priced, especially if compared with other headphones that almost have the same features.

This is a review of one of the most affordable headphones of JBL.

What’s To Like

  • They have powerful bass.
  • The sound is clear.
  • The volume is loud.
  • They have a microphone.
  • They have a single button remote that can control calls and songs.
  • Their cable is tangle-free
  • The headphones are strongly built.
  • The ear cups are cushioned.
  • The headband is adjustable.

What’s Not To Like

  • The headband doesn't have a cushion.
  • The design is not very unique.
  • The remote control doesn’t have a volume adjuster.
  • The material used, especially for the headband, is mostly plastic, which makes them flexible but also breakable

What are JBL T450 headphones?

JBL T450 are on-ear headphones that enable you to listen to music anytime and anywhere. They also allow you to talk with someone over calls, easily making answering calls accessible through their single-button control along the cable. You can effortlessly switch from listening to music to having a conversation with a friend.

Their cable’s design is flat and tangle-free so they don’t have issues of loose wiring. They are lightweight, which makes them effortless to carry. Their ear cups are foldable going inside. This makes them stress-free and worry-free to pack. JBL T450s can be bought from an authorized local store or online for a price estimate of $20.

JBL T450 Headphones

So who are JBL T450 Headphone for?

JBL T450s are designed in a way that they can be easily carried anywhere. They are lightweight and foldable, making them effortless to pack and use. This product can be used by various groups of people: students, office workers, travelers, dancers, and musicians.

These headphones are ideal for travelers to use because travelers need to carry things that aren’t too heavy. Because many travelers travel with backpacks, these headphones are ideal for them. The headphones are foldable, and the headband is sturdy, so there's no need to worry about it breaking while inside the bag. It is also established that they comfortable to wear so travelers can listen to music while they're on a long journey, like on a bus or an airplane for long hours.

Students can use these, too. These headphones can actually be helpful to students who are honing their listening skills. It gives clear audio which makes it easier for students to understand what’s being played. Aside from studying, they can also be used while just listening to music, of course. Students and teenagers will love these headphones because while they may not be the sleekest headphones out there, they are stylish enough.

Musicians, like singers and disc jockeys, always prefer to use headphones of good quality. The sound that comes out of the ear cups is essential in enabling them to create their own music. Dancers work almost the same way as musicians do. With the loud volume, clear audio, and powerful bass that they come with, they are undoubtedly one of the more affordable, quality headphones available.

JBL T450

What can be expected from JBL T450s?

As far as quality goes, you can expect these headphones to do what they’re meant to do – clear audio quality. As for the comfort, because the ear cups are cushioned, listeners can expect to be comfortable even when they use them for long hours.

However, there might still be some discomfort for the listeners as the headband itself is not cushioned, making it possible to feel tightness around the head after listening for long hours. Another thing to expect is, if the situation demands it, JBL T450s have a warranty of one year.

This applies to purchases made online and from authorized retailers, but not if it was purchased from an unauthorized dealer. That is why it is imperative that buyers check the legitimacy of the store or retailer that they are buying from.

What are the features of JBL T450 Headphone in-ear?

JBL T450 Headphones

This product has foldable ear cups and adjustable headband, making it a space saver. Fitting them inside a bag shouldn’t be a problem. They also have a single-remote control feature along the cable that allows listeners to manage their songs and call conveniently.

The cable used is flat, so it's tangle-free, decreasing the chance of it malfunctioning. Their dynamic driver is 32mm, and they have a frequency of 20Hz to 20kHz. If you're worried about the compatibility, then there's really no need to worry.

These headphones are not exclusive to one device or gadget. You can rest assured that they will work with whatever gadget you are using because it doesn’t matter if you’re using an Android or an Apple device, both are compatible with JBL t450s.

They also come in three colors. If you tend to free-spirited then it is suggested that you get the darkest shade that the JBL T450s are available in – the black ones. This color would lessen the need for you to wipe your headphones clean constantly.

If you think that you are very careful and conscious of dust and such, and you prefer light shades, then you'll be glad to know that these headphones also come in white. Now, if you are somewhere in the middle and you prefer vivid colors, fret not because the JBL T450s are available in blue shade.

How to Install or Set Up JLB T450?

There’s really no installation or set up that is needed in order to use the JBL T450s. All that is required to do is plug them into the device of your choice, and you are good to go. If you would like to watch a video review and unboxing of these headphones, then you can check out the link below.

What are possible alternatives to the JBL T450s?

Now you have read everything there is to know about the JBL T450 headphones. They might sound enticing to buy, but what other options do you have exactly? What are other comparable headphones to the JBL T450s? If you’d like to compare the features of these headphones, let’s discuss a few that you might also like to consider.

Well, JBL also gives you the JBL T450BTs. They are almost exactly like the JBL T450 you have been aiming to get, except for a few things and some upgrades. JBL T450BTs are basically JBL T450s but with Bluetooth and a few other upgrades.

JBL T450BTs also have a pure sound when it comes to the bass. Like, JBL T450s, you can also use these for music and calls. The controls to the calls and songs are placed on the ear cup itself, which is one difference they have from JBL T450.

The JBL T450s have a single-button control on the cable. Speaking of cables, the wire of JBL T450BT is, much like its predecessor, also flat, making it tangle-free. There is also no need to worry about their battery life as it can last as long as eleven(11) hours. Another of their differences from JBL T450 is their Bluetooth feature. You can use JBL T450BTs to listen to any song from any device with Bluetooth. Yes, they can be connected to any device.

Now, do not get too excited because the downside of these from the JBL T450s is that they are considerably more expensive than the JBL T450s. JBL T450s can be bought from $16 to $19 while JBL T450BTs have a price of $49.95.

Another alternative are the JBL E35s. If you look at their design, it can be said that they look quite similar to JBL T450. One of the differences is that their headband has a comfort-fit fabric, which makes them more comfortable for the listeners to use.

Another difference is that their bass is not as powerful as the bass in the JBL T450s. That is not to say that the bass is weak, per say. As for the similarities, both E35 and JBL T450 have a one-button control on their cables, and they include a microphone. However, the price of the E35s is twice the price of the JBL T450s.

JBL T450BT Wireless On-Ear Headphones


Taking all things into consideration, JBL T450s are a smart buy. They have clear and high-quality sound, loud volume, and strong bass. They features are practically three of the most essential things to look for when choosing which headphones to buy.

The ear cups are both cushioned which scream comfort, and although the headband is not very soft because of the lack of padding, it is sturdy which ensures long durability. If you’re an average user, these will stand the test of time

The ear cups of the JBL T450s are foldable, the headband is adjustable, they are lightweight, and they are effortless to use because of that single-button control. Their design may not be the most stylish, but they are sleek enough. They’re made for the type of average, everyday consumer that don’t want to stand out too much and get a lot of attention.

The best part is that you can have all these features for just approximately $20.00, which is considerably cheaper than other headphones that can serve as their alternative. That $20.00 price also comes with a one-year warranty.

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