Why A Portable Speaker Is Must-Have Gadget

A portable speaker is not just a gadget for a techy or picky people. When one buys an electronic device, it’s usually because one looks forward to the functionality or the features of a certain product.

A portable speaker is not just a gadget for a techy or picky people. When one buys an electronic device, it’s usually because one looks forward to the functionality or the features of a certain product. Those little details are what makes a good gadget different from another, something for buyers who know what a quality acquisition is. 

Price is not only the consideration, but it’s often the technical details that make a gadget unique. This can prompt a would-be buyer to decide on purchasing an item. One of the popular gadgets that the tech-savvy want to own and have around its usefulness is a portable speaker.

This is because this item allows its owner to stay tuned to his favorite music playlist anytime. If he wants to listen to music and share it with friends anytime and anywhere during the day, a portable speaker can make that happen, effortlessly. 

What Is A Portable Speaker

A portable speaker is an electronic device that allows people to hear different recorded or live sounds, sometimes this can be from a laptop, mp4 player, radio, CD or directly from a microphone. The electronic sound this device emits can be for an individual or loud enough to fill an entire room or space at any given time. A quality portable speaker gives out a much higher quality and louder sound than an ordinary laptop with basic features. 

A portable speaker can come in a range of shapes colors and sizes but usually looks like a smaller version of a loud speaker, subwoofer or even a typical stereo speaker. 

A stereo speaker is a box used to play sound or music in the home or for public listening such as at a party, function or concert.

Unlike a bulky size of many stereo speakers or a loudspeakers, a portable speaker is sized so it’s easy to carry anytime and anywhere. Some can be light enough to fit in your hand or pocket while others are a bit larger, but they are all portable enough to be carried in the arms, shoulders or placed on top of a desk.  Usually, a portable speaker comes in conservative colors such as black or silver, but it also has various designs and style.

The Different Kinds of Portable Speaker

There are many kinds of speaker available in the market today. 

Below are some of the typical portable speakers you can get online or from any physical store:


  • Boxed-type speaker- usually comes in square or rectangular shaped speaker
  • Round type or cylindrical style- this is similar to the old stereo design 
  • Loudspeaker type - imagine holding a loudspeaker in your hand, only this time it’s bluetooth capable
  • Mini-speaker - this one is smaller than the box-type which can be carried around anywhere or placed as a table topper
  • Wearable speaker- the miniscule-sized speaker that can be worn on the wrist, placed on the fingers. It can be as small as the size of a USB flash drive.

Features of A Portable Speaker

Each portable speaker may have one or more of these features:

  • Lightweight or handy design. This makes this product easy to carry anywhere the user wants to bring it with.
  • Bluetooth capable/ wireless capable. These days, a music playlist is no longer a personal thing to listen to. Music is now shareable in an instant and this is how all portable speaker must be. Wireless and with bluetooth capability. Whether the sharing of music files is from one device to another. Or one music playlist of a friend to a portable speaker. This can be done by a bluetooth-wired portable speaker.
  • Multiple ports for various types of digital device. A reliable portable speaker must be able to accommodate a variety of memory or sim cards. It must have different kinds of ports so any memory device be it in USB-format, microsim, MP4 file format or any other will work. A cool portable speaker must be able to load and play any type of music format.
  • An easy-touch button for playing, pausing or rewinding of music files. A portable speaker must be user-friendly. If it has a control panel, it must be able to guide the user properly on which button is the right fit to press for a specific command or instruction.
  • Easy button interface. The user must be able to read easily each of the buttons for any specific function.
  • Lengthy stand-by time or battery life. A music listener sometimes prefers to play music non-stop. This is why some products vouch for uninterrupted use of a portable speaker for up to 12 hours.
  • Rechargeable battery. This allows the owner to be able to load up on the battery anywhere so one can use it again
  • State-of-the-art sound quality. Some portable speakers offer sound quality that’s excellent and clear, not just a loud noise. This means the clarity of the sound is as good as the original. Some buyers of portable speakers actually prefer this feature more. Because it is the sound quality that can make or break a music listening experience.

How To Choose Your Portable Speaker

For first-time buyers here are some things you must remember when buying a portable speaker:

  • Compare available reviews about the product you’re looking at. This will give you a bird’s eye view on the available items you can get from the market.
  • Check if the brand offers a warranty when you purchase their product. Opt for a brand that offers a longer warranty.
  • Pinpoint the specific features you want and go from there. If you look for several features in one item, there’s a chance that you’ll have to spend more money to buy it.
  • Identify where do you intend to use a portable speaker. Will you use it mainly inside or outside? Because there are specific portable speakers that are best used for indoors or outdoors.
  • Set a budget. If you want a simple portable speaker for practical needs, then stick to your preferred budget.
  • If you want a more impressive gadget that has all the top-of-the-line features, prepare to set aside a bigger budget.
  • Always go for durability. The price will always be a consideration when buying. But a cheaper-priced portable speaker may not last very long if used continuously. So don’t settle for a cheap model, purchase the best quality portable speaker you can afford.

How To Maintain Your Portable Speaker

  • Keep your gadget away from abrasion, impact and/or intense weather or moisture. Always use a protective cover for your speaker as unnecessary dirt, water spillage or other unexpected things can affect the working condition of your device.
  • Follow instructions that go with the manual. Do not overcharge and use the right cable. Don’t mix and match with other cables from other gadgets.
  • Even though a product says it can be used for 12 hours straight, allow your portable gadget to take a rest after long and continued use. Overuse of any gadgets can strain a product.
  • Use original parts and battery for your portable speaker. This is to ensure quality.
  • Keep your warranty. Put it in a place where you can easily get it anytime just in case you need to have your gadget repaired.
  • Read through the product manual before using it. The product manual is there to guide consumers on how to use the product. The steps shared in the manual must be followed to avoid misuse of the product features or parts.

Best Portable Speaker - Complete Reviews With Comparison

Know which ones have the best features and are worth a trying. Because not all portable speakers are the same, read here to get some tips and info.


Feature 1

Feature 2


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Alphasonik Vivid
Home Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker with HD

Bluetooth/ wireless capable

Seamless music streaming

Affordable buy good features

DOSS Touch Wireless Bluetooth

Bluetooth/ wireless capable

Extended playtime up to 12 hours

Affordable buy and good features

bluetooth speaker by Freshetech

Can be used outdoors

Waterproof and durable

Prime buy. Good reviews.

JBL Charge 4 Portable Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth

Wireless feature capable of connecting to two or more devices

Up to 20 hours of music playtime

More expensive but good features

Here are the pros and cons of the above-mentioned products:

Alphasonik Vivid Home Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker With Hd

One of the more affordable portable speakers with basic features


  • Good variety of colors available
  • With built in microphone
  • Bluetooth and wifi capable
  • Rugged exterior


  • Not guaranteed for all weather conditions
  • Not waterproof

Doss Touch Wireless Bluetooth

Nice design. Affordable for its key features.


  • Touch button feature
  • Wifi and bluetooth capable
  • Good audio quality
  • Music playtime of up to 12 hours


  • Not guaranteed for outdoor use and all-weather condition
  • Not waterproof

All-terrain Bluetooth Speaker By Freshetech

A Versatile portable speaker that is waterproof


  • Waterproof feature
  • Durable
  • For outdoor use
  • Rugged and portable


  • Non-traditional design but unique style

Jbl Charge 4 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Prime features. Good sound quality.


  • Good customer reviews
  • Nice sound quality
  • Reputable brand
  • Deluxe features


  • More expensive than other products
  • In the same category
  • Not waterproof


After reading this article we hope you have an idea on how to select your portable speakers. Choosing from the large number of portable speaker on the market today can be challenging and confusing for a newbie techy. With all the topics we discussed we hope you’ll now find it easier to make the right choice for your preferred item and get the best value and highest quality portable speaker.

Because the gadgets we all use these days are not just electronic devices, but help to make out lives more enjoyable, an important part of our lifestyle. Portable speakers are used by young people and adults, their popularity is evident with the number of products available. As long as there are people who love music and enjoy good quality sound there will always be a place for good quality portable speakers. 

The joy of listening to quality sounds is the simplest thing we get from portable speakers, they allow one to engage in a relaxing music experience despite having a busy schedule within our day at home or at work.

Ultimately, it is the features and the quality of a portable speaker that matters

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