The JBL 4312 Review

JBL 4312 is not currently available at Amazon, but here is the alternative for you according to the editor's choice - JBL LSR305 and JBL LSR308. These studio monitors prove the best choice in every aspect.

The design of the JBL 4312 is an improvement on advancements in sound technology that inspired the 1969 Woodstock festival to request customised JBL sound equipment.  It soon became clear that the JBL 4300 series was excellent for studio recording due to the bass and sound distortion control that provided quality no devices could replicate up to that time.  

The 3-way  front ported bass location, and woofer damping gives the JBL 4312  the ability to sound great in every environment or room it is utilised.  Though best used for home cinema and studio use, this loudspeaker has the versatility to be used in many different situations.

The JBL 4312

The JBL 4312 Review

Quality of Build


Ease of Use

Value for Money

The JBL 4312 represents a refinement and reintroduction of the best audio equipment the world has ever known.  Originally refined for studio sales, added components and structural changes provide greater versatility to the superior sound quality that made this brand a favourite of cinemas, professional music studios, and outdoor concerts such as Woodstock.

3-way frontal bass reflex design.  The frequency response of 45 Hz – 15kHz (-6 dB), emphasising bass control.  Midrange and treble attenuators for room matching. Tweeter damping increases the quality of music through energy dissipation.  Dimensions: 597 x 363 x 298 mm dimensions.  Weight: 24 kg.

The JBL 4312 combines simplicity of operation with professional quality.  Simply adjusting range and treble make this model among the easiest and best models for a wide variety of venues.   

JBL altered its business model from commercial sales to home access since the 1970s.   The company success in providing award-winning quality and supplying speakers for historical events and studio sessions enable them to offer cutting-edge items at a competitive price.

What We Like 

  • The sound is excellent in any environment due to intelligent design.
  • The internal bass distortion control, as well as the Midrange and Treble attenuators add a level of control that allows individualisation of the desired sound.
  • It is built upon technology that inspired the best in the music industry.
  • It was among the leading choices for cinema sound before it became the choice for the best musicians in the world. It is proven.

What We Don’t Like 

  • Fifty-three pounds (24 kg) can make the JBL 4312 somewhat cumbersome to move around and less desirable to home cinema enthusiasts.
The JBL 4312 review


James Burroughs Lansing (JBL) began his career engineering loudspeaker technology in  1927. JBL, as a company, produced its first speaker system in 1946. He and his various partners through the years developed the technology used by industry pioneers who were impressed by the quality and strength of sound produced.  

As a result,  the JBL loudspeaker and monitor system became the product of choice for EMI records, cementing a leading industry position in an exclusive market and ultimately becoming the sound system of choice for Hollywood studio producers.  In the ensuing years, JBL garnered innovative improvements in design and functionality making their product perfect for concerts and touring musicians.

Today JBL caters to the needs of all music and sound enthusiasts as their continued cost containment and cutting-edge technology make products such as the JBL 4312 a top choice of the average consumer.

The JBL 4312

In 1969 JBL released the 4300 series of loudspeakers, which provided state-of-the-art improvements to predecessor monitors.  These enhancements made monitors and loudspeakers capable of high power input levels with low distortion. This transformed the industry and made JBL a commercial success and a household name with the release of the L-100 series.  

During the 1970s this innovative technology was harnessed en mass and made commercially available with the version of the L-series, which outsold every loudspeaker on the market at that time.

The JBL 4312 is a later iteration first introduced in 1983. It incorporates and improves upon its predecessor allowing greater distortion control, stereo sound, and panel controls that enable the user to optimise sound to virtually any environment or room. This flexibility gives musicians and aspiring musicians the ability to play wherever needed.

The original cost of the JBL 4312 was USD $435 in 1982. It remains the first choice among many musicians, enthusiasts, and sound technicians today.

For Whom Is The JBL 4312 Designed

The reintroduced JBL 4312 model loudspeaker that came to market in 1982 commercialised studio clarity and broadened the availability of higher-end monitors by reducing cost.  It is ideal for studio recording and home cinemas but is also well suited for concerts as well as the enthusiast who is just starting. The power, sound quality, and monitor controls give this speaker a virtually unmatched versatility.

  • Best used for:  Home Cinema and studio recording.

Included items

All speaker components are complete upon arrival.  Only the speaker cables need attachment.

Specifications and Notable Attributes

JBL 4312

Tree Way, Three Driver Loudspeaker System

The 3-way architecture employed in the JBL 4312 enables three individual, specialised drivers, within the speaker to handle the main aspects of sound and reproduce that sound with the exceptional quality desired.  They are as follows, for the JBL 4312:

  • Tweeter (1 inch)
    The Tweeter is the smallest of the three drivers and handles low-pitched sounds and treble.
  • Midrange (5 inches)
    The Midrange driver reproduces most sounds within the spectrum well but lacks the pop and clarity of the other devices for bass and treble.
  • Woofer (12 inches)
    The woofer is the largest device in the speaker and handles the loudest and low-pitched bass sounds such as drums. The JBL: 4312 utilises a paper covered cone. Added damping that is provided increases clarity to the music produced touted by this speaker

Frequency Response

Frequency response is not a measure of sound balance or whether the treble and bass are appropriate. Instead, it is the colour of music that provides tone and balance of all the elements or instruments making sounds within a song or track.  

The clarity of the JBL 4312 and its ability to maintain its clarity at high power input are the quality that made the 4300 series famous and is what made marketing the JBL 4312 to a broader audience a considerable success.

  • Acoustical Specifications
    45 HZ to 15 kHz (plus or minus 3dB)
  • Sensitivity
    91 dB. For every Watt 91 dB of sound will be produced.


  • Dimensions:
    597 x 363 x 298 mm ( 23.5 x 14.25 x 11.75 in )

Example of JBL 4312

I have included a short but quaint example of the JBL 4312 in action.  Enjoy!


It is remarkable that any product would be in such high demand after more than 30 years due to the quality of sound produced. However, one only need look at review upon review online to see the astonishing percentage of positive comments. Musicians and music enthusiasts tend to be fickle about the money they invest and dubious about the prospect of getting the advertised value from purchases they make.

Their instruments and sound systems represent the pallet and ink on which they draw their art, or play their music, as it were. The main reason people hold onto items for long periods is sentimentality or hope of making a profit.

While the value of the JBL 4312 is undoubtedly not hindered over time, it remains prized as a loudspeaker because it is priceless to a musician that values music and hears it in the same manner an artist sees a way to draw his priceless piece. The JBL 4312 is among the most durable speakers available. Well worth the cost, if music and cinematic experiences are your passion.

JBL 4312E-BK-R 3-way Studio Monitor

Alternative - JBL LSR305 or LSR308

An alternative to the JBL 4312 is the JBL LSR305 or LSR308. The main difference between the two LSR monitors is different woofer sizes, as one has a 5 inch, while the LSR308 has an 8-inch woofer. The sleek design alternative provides a nice look and quality for a home cinema, depending on its size.

 The woofer handles low-pitched, booming sounds and provides excellent bass control, though it is a two-way monitor system that lacks a midrange speaker. However, the LSR cabinet and bass port offer an intelligent design that increases low-end performance and compensates for most range disparity with the JBL 4312.

 The acoustic frequency range of the LSR305 woofer is 43Hz to 24kHz, while that of the LSR308 is 37Hz to 24 kHz, making the LSR308 a bit louder. The low and high-frequency trim switches on the back of these speakers allow fine-tuning of the bass and treble, making the acoustics adjustable to just about any room.

Both the setups have the same transducers, which is improved for reducing damping and excess vibrations. From both the studio speakers, you can expect excellent bass, better response, and fewer distortions. The patented image control waveguide lets you control the sound delivery in both positions, vertical and horizontal. Whenever you turn these speakers on, be ready to listen to original and accurate music. No matter which speaker you chose out of both, you can connect the audio monitor to different inputs. The balanced XLR and boundary EQ feature to deliver sound without affecting its originality. 

For better bass response, the low-frequency port comes in handy and is designed to deliver less turbulence. The only difference between both these studio monitors is its size; the features are almost the same. Talking about maximum sound pressure level and power, LSR 308 is a clear winner.


What We Like 

  • Great entry-level monitor
  • Excellent responsive bass
  • Amazing value for money

What We Don’t Like 

  • Some customers complain of hissing sound from the amp.


What We Like 

  • Detailed sound compared to other brands monitors
  • Excellent SPL and dynamic range
  • No distortion occurs even at high volume

What We Don’t Like 

  • Large and occupy more space.


The JBL 4312 is a proven loudspeaker in its price range. It combines power, clarity, and durability that will provide years of enjoyment. Upon the inception of this technology that ultimately made its way into studio recording equipment, it first impacted cinematography in the early 1900s such that the crisp, clear, and booming bass sound aided in the cultural phenomenon that cinema became.

The burgeoning technology evoked multiple senses at a higher level and provided the leverage for sound technology improvements to continue on a path of innovation, ultimately making its way into the commercial version of world-renowned JBL speakers.

Thanks to men like James Bullough Lansing talent and hard work inspire incredible creations humanity is lucky to witness.  Music is a beautiful thing. The specifications alone make the JBL 4312 a worthy speaker. I highly recommend this product.

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