The JBL Inspire 700 headphones Review

Battery life




Five stars given for battery performance.

Two stars given due to problems wearing earphones. 

Five stars given for pairing to phone.

Three stars given for sound due to bass issues.

What we liked

  • Charging carry case.
  • Long battery life
  • Easy to connect to phone

What we didn’t like

  • Twist lock mechanism does not work.
  • Sweat proof design not effective.
  • Easy to fall out of ears.
  • Reports of either too much bass or no bass at all.

The JBL Inspire 700 is the same as its predecessor the 500 series except it comes with an enhancement which was the addition of a charging case for people who are on the move. It was designed for those active in sports, particularly any running or jogging. It could be wirelessly connected to your phone or mp3 via bluetooth.

Unlike the earpods which are relatively new to the market these headphones are connected with a wire, so if you are worried about one of the earphones might fall, have no fear of losing it as they are still attached. In the centre of the wire connection was the control for volume and skipping tracks which can easily be clipped to the collar of a t-shirt to make them more secure and less worry about losing them.

Introduction to the JBL 700 Headphones

Designed for people who like active sports and outdoor activities.The JBL 700 headphones are designed specifically for those people who are on the go. The JBL 700 headphones was an upgraded version from the 500 series but basically these were almost the same.

This upgraded version was released on 2018, unlike from the 500 series, it has a charging case so that when the user are out all day, they will not be restricted to a charging point. JBL advise that the headphones were designed by Athletes, and are made for Athletes.

The headphones are wireless, but unlike airpods, but still there is a wire connecting the one speaker to the other, with a mic/control features placed in the centre, designed for easy adjustments when needed. It also has a clip that you can use to attach to the collar of your clothes while working out.

JBL has made claims about a twist lock technology which was designed that when it was once inserted and twisted into place, it would not fall out when you are active with what you are doing during your daily routine, whether it be walking to work, or getting fit at the gym. The mic function makes it also a handsfree headset, so it would be easier to talk while driving or on the move.

To whom is the product for?

These headphones with twist-lock and anti-sweat features are specifically designed for people who are into sports activities or athletes. Particularly active sports such as running, cycling, jogging and aerobics, due to its twist-lock feature the headphones will not fall even the user is working out, on practice or just simply walking.

What’s included?

Along with the headphones the package includes the charging case neatly stacked inside. The product is well presented and inside were lists of all the features and benefits about the product. It was also included a carry pouch, micro USB and a charging cable.It also comes with a safety sheet provided and warranty instructions.

You can also view this youtube video for unboxing information,and take a closer look at the equipment once you’ll receive it.

JBL Inspire 700 headphones

Features of the JBL 700

Basically it was inspired by the 500 series but more enhanced version. It has the same specifications and features with the 500 series but it comes with a charging case. It’s battery life will go for 8 hours of using between charges keeping the user enjoy while on its active lifestyle.

The headphones can be charged either inside the charging case or by using the additional micro USB cable supplied. The headphones take approximately one hour to charge, that is from being utterly flat to full. The headphones will be fully charged when the solid white light on the control pad switches off.

The case lasts for about 16 hours between charges and for the headphones it takes the same amount of time to be fully charged as it is using the additional charging cable. You would also need to charge the case for about an hour to charge it completely.

The outer shell of the case is covered with a rubber material, which is considered to be a good protector for the case when it will accidentally fall. The rubber would absorb the shock and it is less likely to break. It comes with four led lights and when the power key is press, it indicates how much battery life left in the case and when to charge the headphones.

When opening the case you can access the power key, and you are also be able to see the led indicators which tell you how much is the remaining battery life.

The headphones also come with a handsfree mic/control function. So when out for running and someone calls you, you can easily answer while still being on the move hands free without looking for your phone.

Using the control function, you can easily able to play tracks, switch tracks, adjust the volume and be able to answer calls because the device was connected to your smartphones via bluetooth.

When connecting ensure that your smartphone’s Bluetooth is on, and you are in your list of connected devices. Hold down the power key for a few seconds until the light flashes blue continuously, then look at your phone and look for JBL Inspire 500 and select it. Note it will say 500 as the headphones are still the inspire 500 headphones you are purchasing.

Once connected your device is then linked and all music or videos should then automatically play through the earphones until either the battery is flat, or you disconnect them from your device. The handy carry case ensures that you can store your headphones away inside of it, and either charge them while on the move or to have somewhere to store them also.

It is advisable to maintain both the case and headphone batteries, to completely drain from its charge once or twice a week and put them on a full charge; this is to ensure you get maximum battery life for as long as possible.

The headphones are compatible with most smartphones through its bluetooth you can use your headphones conveniently while enjoy your favorite sports, on workouts or while hanging outside with friends.

We found this informative video with some do’s and don’ts and some demo’s of the device.


Due to the modern innovations we can now easily compare,measure the performance and durability of the gadgets available on the market. The comparison must include features like comfort, durable, lightweight, sound quality and the span of its battery life. Like this JBL 700 headphones compare with others.

These headphones are incredibly lightweight, have an excellent battery capacity and are designed to stay in the ears while carrying out fitness activities due to its twist-lock feature. It is comfortable to wear and have superb sound quality.

However what we could not seem to find is the option of the charging carry case while on the move, maybe not a big deal for some. But for people who stays long outside their homes doing their active lifestyle it it the best option to stay on the go while listening to music or even tasking calls.This could be the best alternative for a hassle headphones with tangled wires on it. Easy to use and carry because it can be connected to phone wirelessly using only the phone’s bluetooth.

JBL Inspire 700


It was interesting to see that we can measure the performance and durability of the earphones themselves to compare with other models, which offer better comfort for the listeners. For instance, the Optuma Nuforce BE sport 4.

Reading many of the reviews and studying about these headsets put us on the fence. The experience of the headphones is not the same for everyone; some say the twist lock mechanism works very well, where others say that they are uncomfortable to wear and spend more time putting them back in their ears, then enjoying the experience.

There is a video on the JBL website, which explains exactly how to input the headphones, showing that if inserted correctly they will not come out easily. They also state on their website they should never hurt and be completely comfortable to wear, and this is due to the material being made from ultra-soft flexible silicone.

We are unsure of the sweat proof claims, although youtube reviewers have said they experienced even with sweating it caused no shorting problems at all with the product. JBL advise the headphones perform well with sweat, water and moisture.

While relatively low priced as opposed to earpods themselves which promote that there are no wires at all, gives pause for thought about whether these are still market compatible or already out of date.

While on the positive side for those who want more flexibility of movement without fear of dropping your device and losing it, the connected wire between and added clip for your clothing gives more reassurance.

In regards to the sound quality, we found it hard to pinpoint accuracy, when trying to measure its efficiency. Due to some customers experienced poor sound quality explaining it is too quiet and no bass. Others have said, that the sound is loud, there is more static, and far too much base which cannot be adjusted to suit their own needs.

What is reassuring is on JBL’s website; they do genuinely care about their customers and welcome important feedback. So you can leave any positive or negative review, and if you require further assistance, they do invite you to contact them to find a solution to your problem.

However, on the other hand, some questions raised on their website, JBL responded inviting the customer to contact them, rather than answering the question directly for readers to be able to view when trying to make an informed decision about if they are a good buy or not.

They advise that the frequency response according to their tech response sheet is 20-20kHZ although we would have liked more testing perhaps and more information on the sound quality. It’s also important to note that the earphones can be worn in two different ways with the wire in front or behind your neck.

Should you be running for instance and know you are expecting a call you should have the microphone in front of you and not behind your neck, as this will dramatically reduce the mic input volume making it harder for your caller to hear you. But don’t forget if the sound of you running with the microphone flapping around your face, the clip does an excellent job of keeping the mic secure to your collar so that you can talk will not being interrupted.

With the added benefit of the warranty, purchasers can get peace of mind in knowing that if something goes wrong with the item within that first year, there are repair or replace options available also. So if it is you are looking for wireless earphones without them costing the earth, and not being 100% confident is something like earpods, these could be just the thing you are looking for.

It’s nice that JBL has added the extra touch with the charging case giving you the same amount of freedom as those using earpods to enjoy their music and video. So maybe it is time to ditch those old fashioned wired headphones and give yourself some more flexibility and freedom when out running or cycling and while enjoying all your favourite music along the way.

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